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He also paid $8000 in a charity auction so he could go fishing by himself rather than go with a member of the public. Likeable chap.

Tony T

The circumstantial judge in the court of public opinion is set to bring down the harshest of Aussie verdicts: "very ordinary bloke".


Perhaps he should follow Mundine's lead?

Tony T

Roy would certainly beat half the bums-of-the-month Mundine has fought.


Otago could promote Symonds vs Danny Green - Fozzie vs Kermit.

The Don has risen

I have news for Mr Symonds.

Off-field commitments is part of the job.

If he does not like get another job.

does this bloke understand how much young kiddies love to just see a test cricketer let alone get an autograph or even talk to one.

I wonder when he was 12 and he went up to Mr X would he would have liked to be told to go away!


I actually suspect it was more cynical than just disliking the off-field stuff. CricAus won't pay near as well for an hour of Symonds time as would any of the numerous other off-field commitments Roy has.

It is a fairly good bet that his agent was trying to get him out of the CricAus stuff so he could load him up with other rubbish instead.

Pretty easy to refuse 250k with one hand when someone is pressing 2m into the other.

Tony Tea

Russ, I'm with you on that.

It's one of the reasons behind this.

The Don has risen

It is somewhat strange not to tour Pakistan because of bombings and then play for a side in India where there are more.

No local Pakis get to watch test cricket.

Cricket has been talibanned

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