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Ye gods. We expect these people to understand the 42 Laws, but they can't organise a freakin' visa?

Big Ramifications

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfacking snakes on this motherfacking plane!

Big Rammer's Mum

Wrong African American actor, sonny.

Tony T

Law 43

1. Mode of arrival
(a) Customs shall ascertain whether the umpire intends to fly clockwise or anti-clockwise, over or round the globe, and shall so inform the customs officer.
It is unfair if the umpire fails to notify customs of a change in his mode of arrival. In this case customs shall call and signal No Entry.
(b) Underground travel shall not be permitted except by special agreement before the series.
Tony T

It's fair to say, Big Rammer's mum has had her hands full.

Hangover Black

You'd think the ICC could have an Umpire's Secretary/PA to look after things like this. Fill out 90% of it and fax/email it to them for their signature.
Pour le sake de fuck. (for Carrot)

Tony T

A fair point.

Of course there's always another possibility: it's a cover-story for NZ, who complained that they wouldn't play if Bucknor was umpire, and are still sitting in a bus at the Coogee Bay Hotel.

Hangover Black

Did they pass on the ice cream?

Big Ramifications

Of course there's always another possibility: it's a cover-story for NZ

Bloody hell. Call me paranoid but that was all I was thinking.

All cricket officials are gutless [email protected] liars. The Gilchrist World Cup racial vilification "gee the stump mic broke" and "Joe the cameraman" horse shiat excuses were when I completely lost confidence.

The Don has risen

so Dar has Bucknor's chance of umpiring?

Ian Meckiff

Sh*t, why Rudi? Can't one bloke do both ends?

How about Rule 44, No Bucknor or Rudi?


Which one is the live thread for the first test match? Thanks.

Tony T

Chucker: You are right about Rudi. He has been very good to us in the past, but the wheel of fortune that goes around is due to come around.

SB: Look no further than the post above. Unless you already have.

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