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Lad Litter

Gilly's mouth should stop trying to open as wide as his ears. He did the same thing with Murali a few years ago, shooting from the lip and then backpedalling. Loose cannon.

Big Ramifications

Grant Hackett got beaten by a drug cheat in the 2008 Olympics. If I was Grant I would have GONE IN HARD with the provocative statements.

And where was the normally parochial Oz media? Even though swimming is boring and swimmers even more so and I don't really give a rat's and I probably wouldn't have GONE IN HARD with the provocative statements coz I'm a gutless weasel hiding behind a keyboard.

Just wondering.

How can Gilly deny something that was "quoted" from his own book? Jeepers.

...I think that's the first time ever I've used quotes around the word "quoted". In my best Kanoe Reeves voice: woah!

Tony T.

Grant Hackett was on SEN today talking about that race in Bay-Jing. Said all sorts of nice things about the winner: champ, deserved it, great swim. I was hoping he would go the "Drug cheat" route. Shoulda. Wuss.

Big Ramifications

Any thoughts that Mr Gilly might have some Indian adverts, some Indian commentating, some IPL, maybe a Bollywood deal or two in the pipeline?

And "his people" have advised him to backpedal lest it cost him $$$ six figures?

Or maybe it's just a safety thing. I reckon he woulda been as popular as a Dutch cartoonist in Mecca had he backed up his "quote" with more of the same.


So, I'm guessing he's not as popular in India as he used to be - or so this would have us believe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xt6aqfDmnk

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