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I think.

Colin Campbell

Sounds like the last Cricket World Cup.


Thank God, for a minute there I thought Carlton had traded Bryce Gibbs for Jeff White. But no, it was the cricket team trading Bryce McGain for Cameron White.

I can't see White improving on 0/199 in the Tests once Sachin chews him up.

Kresja, Kresja for feeling so lonely...

Professor Rosseforp

I'm beginning to think Andrew Symonds was the only one who had any common sense. He's at home (presumably fishing), and the rest of the Aussies are going to get carted all over the place -- probably whilst suffering Delhi belly, and I don't know that many people are aware that the Aussie team is over in India, preparing for a test series.


2 sleeps to go. Have you got your Foxtel ready?


Got hooked up last week. I'm currently not making the most of the honeymoon first month, featuring 132 channels of rubbish.

Tony T

If you were watching Inside Cricket last night, you will be able to answer this question: Who said "India in 2001 was the coming of Matthew Hayden as a cricketer."?


Surely the Matty Elliot run out in Sth Afrika was the making of the man...

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