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Is big Merv getting a say all of a sudden? Pick a Vic time!!

Krazy Krezja gets a run too!! Casson didn't ever do much to impress me the times I've seen him bowl, which admittedly has been only a couple. Welcome to the post Warne/Macgill era everyone.

Tony T

Adsy, I moved your comment over here.

Well, just up there, actually.

Tony T

The key to McGain is that he's accurate. The selectors, not to mention the players, CricAussie, and all of us fans, will be hoping he can keep it tight.

Big Ramifications

Rules is rules, and I'm afraid he's got a point. Although he's being an extreme dick about it if the story is true.

Mr President?

Blazing Siddles
Jamie Siddons II
All Siddle, No Steak
Etc etc

Tony T

Yeah, Sizzle.

Mr President?


McGain - McBain - Mendoza!!!!

McGain - McBain - McGonigle?

Tony T.

President McGonigle?


Now that's getting really obscure. I like it!


Siddle is Vicious snd Dermie on Cric Info. Blazing is good. Sidey?

McGain doesn't register but born in Denmark (Vic) should be McSkag, McKrone or something like that. Let's hope he's a gain not a real McLoss.

Johnson is Midge and Notch. Baby Powder is a thought.

Watson is Watto. Get a grip Cric Info, he's our Paper Cut. Although Cotton Wool is now the operative word for PC....

Vic Newcomers "Siddle and McGain". Good name for a TV cop show, who are cricketers but really undercover cops. Get Hec Crawford on the phone.

Oct 9 - 1 day, 1st test.

Big Ramifications

President of the USA, McCain. Jumping the gun there.


For Mitch Johnson I'm thinking Del or Kershaw for the "Wide Boy" angle.

or Bon Voyage for "going away".

or WTFIHDWTNBIOSC - but it doesn't roll off the tongue too well.


Capital McGain?
That taxed my limited mental resources.


Siddle: Second Fiddle

Big Ramifications


Tony T

McGone - like it.

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