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Tony T

Seriously folks. Give it up for Mark, who wrote an excellent post.

If you like that, you'll like this.

And enjoy your complementary cocktail. Finger food on the trestles in the foyer.

Big Ramifications

Ntini. IPL.

1st ball of his over: Leg stump knocked clean outa the ground.
2nd ball of his over: Off stump knocked clean outa the ground.

So here I wuz, praying to the cricket Gods: middle peg outa the ground for an awesome hat trick. Surely the Royal Flush of hat tricks? Nay, the Hearts suit Royal Flush of hat tricks.

But it was not meant to be.

But then... half an hour later…

What's this...?

Someone has just realised. He got a wicket with the last ball of his previous over, 12 overs previous. And they're about to show the replay. Back to praying mode.

Middle peg.

Outa the ground.




///I think I'm the only person in the whole of the intarrwebs who has noticed this, *ahem* according to a cursory Google search.

Big Ramifications

I invested a bit of time just then and found some footage of the above. It was more difficult than you'd think.

The comment above is somewhat garbled – but that truly was a unique hat trick.

And from a personal level... it turned out my hat trick wish "wasn't to be"... but then someone in TV land realised there was a hat trick ball 12 overs previous... and the mode of dismissal was precisely what my hat trick wish was... so it turned out "to be" after all.

Is that any less garbled yibbida yibbida? So do you want the Youtube link?


Yes. Youtube, please.

Big Rammer's mum

Don't give it to them they don't deserve it, son. Professor Rosenfap is always mean to you. GYOFB.

Big Ramifications

Don't be like that, mum.



Your wedding?

Big Ramifications

Sorry, will post it from work. That blondie was a journo, biffing some Griffiths mafia.

Robert Trimbole's funeral but you already knew that didn't you Tony...

Big Ramifications

Here is the 0:09s version. The bit at the end is some time later when he finally realises.

Here is the 0:56s version with slo mo replays.

Remember 11 overs were bowled between the first and second wicket.

"Ntini's hat-trick was strange.

The first wicket came on the last ball of the fifth over, while two and three didn't come until the 17th.

The yawning gap between wickets meant no one - not even the bowler himself - realised what had happened at the time."


Big Ramifications



Unco goose. Love the way he is just sitting there. "Move along, nothing to see... not even all that blood on my face."

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