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Tony T

Our Man Geeves goes alright.

Tony T

Although, without wanting to give Geeves undue credit, it's quite possible that the Bangers are sh1thouse.


Good to see Huss has pulled his head in. Bad to see Sideshow has reverted to form. On his day, he's the best spinner in the team.

Professor Rosseforp

I can see why Symonds got mixed up -- so much talk about minnows, he probably thought fishing was on the agenda.
Nick, Symonds is the best throwing spinner in the Aussie team on his day.
Bangla Desh bowled pretty well in the bits I saw, but I got a sandwich and missed their batting display.
The South African Rugby Union team was obviously trying to beat Bangla Desh's batting score against Australia, but fell just short.

The Don has risen

if Symonds had any reputation then it was completely shredded following the investigation of the SCG incident.

Cricket would be better if both he and Singh were no longer playing cricket

Tony T

Speaking of Roy's spinning.

Met a guy at the footy today. Naturally we talked footy, but when we strayed onto cricket he said this: "I refuse to watch Sri Lanka; no points for guessing why."

The Don has returned

I heard Michael Slater on radio this morning saying Symonds has been given quite a number of warnings ,particularly in the Windies, most of which involved drinking too much.

Just sack him.
He obviously can't take a hint and has lost the respect of his fellow players not mention how much opposing cricketers now find him a pain.

He has been given plenty of chances and apparently has ignored this.

New blood is needed


I can't believe this. I agree with Vaughny! If Paper Cut is fit and firing, Roy needs a holiday. Some would call him a violent objectionable drunk and some would just call him a tosser (or even a thrower). Hopes is another possible replacement, with far less in the way of personality issues.


Hopes is another possible replacement, with far less in the way of personality issues.

i.e. no personality

Tony T

Speaking personally, I can do with no personality.

Yes, that could be misconstrued, but you get my meaning.

The Don has risen

this is the man who insisted he couldn't go to Pakistan because of the 'terrorist' but who apparently didn't know how many people died in a terrorist attack just down the road of his IPL city.

either he is a dill of the highest order or a hypocrite

Get A Job, Son!

Liked this from Leapster in The Age...

"This is where the cricketing authorities have got it wrong about Andrew Symonds.

Before the Australians' one-day match with Bangladesh in Darwin, Symonds ditched a team meeting to go fishing and they kicked him out of the side. Don't these people realise that the minute this story came out, he became a hero to millions? Who WOULDN'T want to ditch a meeting and go fishing? Or ski-boarding down Mount Everest for that matter.

Actually, a spirited knitting bee in a laundromat during a heatwave sounds like a decent alternative. Symonds should properly be hailed as an audacious original thinker, who just did what everyone else (on the planet, not just the cricket team) desperately wanted to do, but didn't have the proverbial sinkers. Not only should they make him captain, they should probably set up an entire religion around him."

A MEETING about a game against the Bangers, or fishing in the NT...
I know where I am going!

... the rest is here http://www.theage.com.au/news/sport/meetings-are-just-the-piths/2008/09/01/1220121134991.html


I think the main issue (which Leaping Larry L alludes to) is not Roy's missing a meeting, but his propensity for getting 'double-pithed'.

But, as they said in Pulp Fiction, 'personality goes a long way', and I think his 'mates' have had enough.

Tony T

"Personality" is a lot like "character": a little bit goes a long way, a lot bit goes a little way.

Tony T

BTW Dad.

Missing the meeting, while grist-for-the-pisstake, is probably a symptom of what the medical profession calls magnuscaputitis, or what the rest of us call big'eaddedness.


Associates say Symonds has not dealt well with his sudden rise to prominence in the Test arena, which made him the team's poster boy in all three formats of the game. His $1.47 million Indian Premier League contract with Hyderabad also brought with it huge demands for his time.

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