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I thought history was supposed to be written by the winners?


nick: India are making the money, so they are the winners...


Would they have changed the result if it was going to have a bearing on the final result of the series?

The precedent this sets is scary when you think about it.


I note that in Athers's column he rightly calls Michael Holding "one of the good men of the game". I take some quiet satisfaction in the thought that only in this game I love, could someone with the nickname "Whispering Death" be viewed as a moral paragon. Cricket is wonderful.

(Despite the explosion of greed that is just now warping it out of recognition).


You know who likes history...

Do you like to fight injustice?

Yes, that is truly an exceptional quality you have.

Please sign the Save our Bill Lawry petition to keep the Corporate vultures from ending the career of our favourite excitable one.

Think of the children.

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