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The scariest thing is that Harper is probably not the worst going around either.

Tony T

It's absolutely astounding Harper would tailor his decisions to Hawk.

Hawk often shows a swinging/spinning ball would hit leg because it doesn't update quick enough to assess the ball swinging/spinning past leg and instead makes projections based on earlier trajectory.

All too often Hawk has the ball straightening to hit the stumps instead of continuing on its arc and missing the stumps.

Rather than Harper modifying his decision making to suit Hawk, Hawk should be improved to catch the late movement.

I'm still shakin' me 'ead. Surely Harper can see that Hawk is unable to judge late movement. SURELY?!?

Or is it more insidious? Is it a cricket version of political correctness? Does Harper (with or without complicity from the ICC umpiring department) want his decisions rubber-stamped by Hawk, even though Hawk may be wrong?

Lad Litter

Hawkeye is at best "an artist's impression" of what might happen, albeit one based on mathematical data and calculations. But it's stil speculative.

As Bart Simpson said to Lisa after she showed him how to use angles to play pool better: "Hey, who would have thought there'd be a practrical use for geometry?"


Hawkeye uncut!

David Barry

I've never seen any of these supposed problems with Hawkeye. Before Hawkeye, I thought that too much was made of "going down leg". There's only a couple of metres between pad and stumps, and the angle is usually small. I'm glad that at least one umpire is giving more LBW's now.

It's interesting that Harper's willing to say so. A couple of years ago, there was a report of an Elite Panel umpire who had started to give more LBW's because of Hawkeye, but he wasn't willing to be named.

Pedro the Ignorant

That clip is a a pearler, Adsy!
How anyone can stand there with their bare face hanging out and claim that *spit* Hawkeye resembles anything more than a cartoonish Gee Whiz gadget is beyond me.
That a Test umpire even takes any notice of the bloody thing absolutely astounds me.
There are a couple of excellent high tech innovations in TV cricket broadcasts, notably the "hot spot" and the super slow motion, but Hawkeye is a joke, and it defies all the known laws of the universe in its weird ability to have a ball pirouette in mid air.
I recommend that Hawkeye believers spend a few minutes chalking out a full scale crease on the ground, get a bit of string and have a look at some angles off a good length delivery, and see how little variation is needed to miss the stumps.
Better still, stand at bowlers end for a few years and watch a few thousand deliveries and you may get an idea of how a cricket ball behaves.

The Don has risen

Oh dear,

I blame the IPL.

I don't know why but why not connect two points of lunacy


Harper's problem has always been giving batsmen out to balls pitching outside leg. Which might be why he rarely seems to stand in 'big' games.


In the interests of self promotion and learning how to embed Youtube, may I present all the things: that I hate?


It's quiet here this weekend.

Must have all gone to the snow ;-)

Can Bass 1

Never mind Harper - the other Daryl's been doing a spiffing job for us at Trent Bridge!

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