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Big Ramifications

Is collectively gangraping a tautology? Is Gangraping a tributary of the Ganges in the grape growing region of India I believe it is.

I like yelling out "terrorist!" from my car whenever I drive past a Sikh. They get all annoyed about the ignorant rude pig Aussie but little do they know I know they are not Muslim and the joke is actually on them hahahaha.


Carry on.

Tony T

Fully sikh, dude.


Must admit to having zero interest in the IPL until last week, when I was in India. Being there, I really got into watching it, reading about it etc. It was on TV, in all the papers, being talked about etc.

Tony T

Apparently it's rating in the bazillions.

via collins

Bazillions to start with, settled back down to beating everything in its time-slot.

Fascinatin' to see how it sustains itself over a few years....

Tony T

With so many people punting on the Quicket, there will always be a large audience.

Big Ramifications

Then it's funny on yet another level because since when are all Muslims terrorists anyway? Any Muslims in the vicinity of the Sikh would probably also think I was an ignorant yob.

But they would be wrong I am actually kwite clevarr I know all about the history of the Thugs and I can spell "Mughal Shah Jahan boned Mumtaz Mahal" standing on my ear.


Big Ramifications

Bloody hell, you guys are no fun.

What makes it funny on *yet another* level is that I made all that up. I'm not one to be yelling at intemperate warriors from my car. Good way to get hurt. Post 9/11 there were stories of Sikhs getting abused on the street in the USA... and it got me thinking of the possibilities. Jeez you'd have to be ignorant, eh? I thank Bishan Bedi for opening my eyes to all things turban.

Although I once called an Irish bloke a "daft Taffy [email protected]" just to get a reaction. But he was a genial fella, so no risk there.

And I have bin known to yell at roof tilers. "Get down from there!!" in a high pitched tone of voice as if they are doing something wrong. Like in dem Tom Sawyer movies when the farmer catches him raiding his watermelon patch kind of voice.


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