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Brilliant shoulder charge! Sonny Bill Williams would be proud of that one.

via collins

Been doing some training with the Lions by the looks of it, Leigh Matthews would have been proud of him. What an absurdly good game, who'da thunk it?

Thought many things throughout, but taking a positive, I love the way Mitchell Johnson has approached the game all summer, that grin when he bats is so bloody infectious.

What's that? He's bowling cream pies? Er, yeah, but he's having agood time throwing them up.

Tony T

I like it that Roy lived up to his namesake: Royce Simmons.

Regarding Johnston. You could make a case that his wides cost Straya the game. Still, he is a happy chappy.


0:48 - top notch spot of gardening, that.

Big Ramifications

Holy shit, you see that fucking head come apart, man? Shit, I've never seen brains like that before, man.

(ie. Needed more Private Bunny.)


Is that the first charge of the summer Rollerboy wasn't involved in?


Bah - lots of booze make grammar bad...

Tony T

By the way. It was nice of Nine to suspend their ban on showing pitch invaders.


Would have been funnier if he'd taken a pull shot of this monkey's head on the way through.

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