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Tony T.

Comment, ya fuckers!


Darrell Hair needs a drink. That's the moral of this post.

Pedro the Ignorant

The ICC are shit scared of the loss of revenue from the sub continent and will denigrate and/or sack any umpire who dares to enforce the Laws without fear or favour if it upsets our tinted opponents.

Doctrove is a disgrace in that when the controversy over the Oval Test blew up, he ran for cover and pleaded "junior" status.

There is nothing in the Laws that confers "seniority" on any given pair of umpires, and both the ICC and Doctrove are guilty of cowardice in the face of the enemy.

I hate what is happening to the game that I have loved all my life and used to be the epitome of gentlemanly behaviour and fair play.

Cronje, the google eyed chucker and 20/20 have nearly killed it for me.


Hair might need a drink, but Fred needs to lay off the sauce.


Ha ha - thanks Tone!

Scott Wickstein

"Comment, ya fuckers!"

Best comment I've read all day.

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