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I love going to the cricket and I like the Mexican Wave.
But I don't understand why people have to throw stuff in the air.
It's called a "Mexican Wave", not a "Mexican Chuck All Your Rubbish In The Air".


Can't cop the Wave, Cam. Just. Can't.


Why do they talk about the ban specifically at the 'Peoples Ground', the MCG, and have a photo of the SCG at the top of the site?


Spotted, Bindi. It's probably because the majority of Wavers wouldn't know the difference.


Cretins aren't stakeholders? They seem to have been the majority last time I visited the People's Republic of MCG.


You could have me there, H. I'll just revisit my calculations.


I was watching Ch10 News the other night, and did a double-take when I heard that the young bloke evicted from the MCG was a Matthew Newton.

"It's been a big month for Matt", I thought.


That could soon become a euphemism for being a public idiot. What a Matthew Newton!

Snr Nubi

Spotted that too Bindi, what's the deal with the Wave being 'an institution of Australian sport'....Cretin's of the highest order. I noticed too that the Savethewave.com cretin, has a contact mob 0404 594 094 (A call or sms perhaps). A few things come to mind...;

1 Collingscum supporter no doubt

2 Must have some link to Sydney...(lightweight wanker)

3 Likes One Day Cricket (calls them ODI's I bet)

Can't be bothered to go on.......


members are wankers!


As a member, I resemble that remark.

I also happily refuse to join the wave, preferring instead to sneer at the riff-raff.


Fucking Wave! Sit down and watch the cricket FFS!

The 'entertainment' is being provided by the 13 blokes out on the ground. We don't need you and 30000 of you dumbest mates to help.


I'm with you, Tone. The wave alone shits me, but if peasants insist on throwing crap skywards, chuck 'em out. I hear some sheila at the 'gabba scored a broken jaw from something skied during the 'people's wave.' I saw a great piece on the news the other night. They were interviewing the masses about the wave 'controversy', and some woman said (and I paraphrase): "I sit in the Members, it doesn't affect me." Priceless. One of the advantages of SACA memebership is the ability to avoid most of this sort of crap from the serfs.


Beat them up, throw them out, then beat them up again. Retards.

Re: NZ v Eng
Mahmood at one end, Plunkett at the other. Total Hammer House of Horror. How we won that is beyond me.


Well I'll put my hand up and say I enjoy the wave, it adds a bit of fun during the quiet times on the field - although I won't be participating this year as I'm boycotting going to the cricket.

CA are a bunch of killjoys and they won't be seeing any of my hardearned coin this season, if they got the camera technology to find the instigators of the wave how about putting that technology to good use and use it to find the dickheads who throw stubbies when the wave comes around.

The wave WILL get started, dickheads WILL throw shit, and people WILL get injured, so why not catch the culprits who cause the injuries instead of the rest of us who want to have a little fun.

By the way, did anyone hear about that woman who got concussion from a rogue beachball the other week?

Neither did I...


CA should also ban security guards and police from the ground. They cause more injuries to cricket fans than mexican wavers do.

They also ejected the guys wearing the Borat bikinis too. The Barmy Army trumpeter.

And now, anyone who stands up and puts their hands in the air?

Cricket Australia deserve to go broke if they treat their fans in this way.

You'd have to be an idiot to want to go to the cricket in the first place now. You can't even get a decent beer unless you are in the members.


$7 for a Crowny, $5 for a VB - kenoutrageous!

I'm with SurferCam - the waves all right except for the crap thrown into the air.


Tone! Tone! Have you seen this???

Don't know how to do that funky thing where you link to a page with only one word....


Tried to post a link here and for some reason it didn't work... apologies if it ends up going on twice.

THIS is very interesting.


Tony, I expect a lengthy post about this, and for all of us to weigh in with intelligent debate!



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Paul B

I think Darrell Hair may finally have flipped... Somehow I doubt the 'I'll quit for $500,000' line will help his case in court.


Thanks, Pat.

I dunno, Paul - you could argue that the $500K request was essentially settling out of court ahead of time. I'm going to be fascinated to see how this goes. Let's not forget that he's probably spent a long time with his legal team cooking this up, and they wouldn't be going ahead with it if they didn't think they had a case. And I think he probably does! He received a vote of no confidence from the ICC, and I wonder who voted against him? Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India, per chance?


I reckon Darrell is right on the money. Maybe not specifically in his case but generally speaking as it relates to international cricket and the ICC especially.

Seems to me that cricket has been taken over by the sub-continental countries. Rules and policies are shattered and / or bent (no pun intended) to accommodate these countries. If things don't go their way they are the best victim players in history (ok, maybe there are others). It doesn't matter what the issue and at what level, you can always count on the shrillest of shrill reaction to anything whether it be ball tampering, chucking or whatever you like.

The Darrell deal has been a travesty and Darrell has not helped himself out too much. But geeze, the ICC could have backed the umpire in the first instance, even if he was wrong, slightly wrong or 100% correct. And those SC countries have just been chomping at the bit since he first called his first chucker!

Thanks and farewell Darrell, I for one think you've done us proud as an umpire and upholder of the laws and spirit of the game. Too bad there aren't more like you!

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