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Mr Z

After blog, grog?


Bill Lawry must have been on the grog when he insisted Dalrymple was given out by a "top decision". In fact, Bill's determination to put the umpy in a good light bordered on being a lie.


I don't think there can be any doubt Victorian cricket fans are the best catchers.


What an incredibly tedious waste of an evening. I knew I stopped watching One-day cricket for a reason.


Agreed. That's about as pedestrian as a walk in the park ever gets.

Scott Wickstein

Nah that catch by the guy with the phone was worth the evening.

Not so much a walk as a perambulation around the G, really.


A superb one-handed snaffle made all the better by the back-handed phoning and his smirky sang-froid. "So, what's the big deal?"


I see FIGJAM charged McGrath and got a broken rib for his trouble.

And what about Wide-Boy Flintoff?!?!


That first over was bizarre. 11 wides?!?


Only 2 days after I said it...

'KP...well, KP. I think the Aussies have knocked the stuffing out of him'


Many moons ago when The Ashes were almost ours again, I warned about KP playing that spastic cross handed, dance down the wicket ploughboy shot. I did warn you didn't I?? You were told about it weren't you? It was 'ere on this very blog!

How many times has he been "out - caught" getting a top edge from this disabled person's tonk? 2? 3? 4?

Now look what's happened.

Sorry folks. But I just don't rate "The Jarppy".

I told ya, I ferkin' told ya. He's a slogger with good eye. Real soft ribs though.

That's England completely farqueued.

Well done Pigeon,,,,,,,



Well that's things officially gotten very, very boring. An inevitable one-day defeat, and an injury to Kay-pee. I'd watch an Open University special on thermal dynamics in the manufacture of clay pots before Bell/Collingwood/Strauss in the 50 over game.

Bibo was right, the gods will only take so much tempting. Pietersen still hasn't quite figured out the old risk/reward equation.

Vaughan to break down in game two, Fred in game three, and Fletcher to run onto the field naked, carrying a samurai sword in game four as "Mental disintegration" claims its most high-profile scalp yet.



You've hit the nail as well. This Australian Summer of Cricket has been more of a mental hammering than a physical one. This phsycological implosion is exactly what Ponting wanted after his personal clash with Fletcher in 2005. But I didn't think for one minute that even Punter was this vindictive and vicious. It's a horror film. This young England Team that seems to promise so much for the future in the eyes of English Supporters will carry this summer with them as long as each one of 'em remains a cricket player. They'll be forever looking over thier collective shoulders for 'big bad pussycat' to eat 'em alive again. It'll be defensive cricket for England for next 50 years!

Fletcher, sepuku,,,,,,,,,,what a crowd that'll bring in at the MCG!!

It's just a pity that good people like poor old Freddie have to wear the doings of a nutter like Duncan Fletcher. I could cry for that young man.

But in the meantime - "Go for it, Punter, you beauty!"


Yorkshire Soul

Nah Bilbo, things arn't so bad for us, although I honestly can't see where a win's going to come from on this tour.

I think most of our players will bounce back from this thrashing, home crowds (despite the sizeable Barmy Army) count for a lot, it'll be different again next time over here.

The only player who seems to have felt the strain and talked about it is Hoggard, odd, I thought he had more Yorkshire grit than that. I think the thing that really upsets the team is having Geoff Bloody Boycott twisting the knife at every opportunity.


I think the thing that upsets the England team is that they have been thrashed in every match they have played on this tour.


Yes Nick,

The Poms have not been "just slightly beaten" and neither have Australia 'just scraped home'.

It's been a slaughter house. Outdone at every turn.



And I have absolutely no sympathy for a team of tossers that had loins girded by Her Maj after the 2005 series. Nothing so satisfying as watching British sanctimony knocked for a six. Vengeful Punter? Hardly. Professional sportsman determined to win. Which is something the pommy gits seem manifestly incapable of doing.

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