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Aussie batsmen getting out last ball before intervals is exceedingly annoying.


Of course, the reverse is not.

Clem Snide

Flat batting tracks are disastrous for the bottom line in the long term. The Boycott sort of cricket we've seen for most of this Test will lose the cricket fans gained during 2005. While I believe that Australian cricket desperately needs more Indian curators, I'm glad Panesar didn't play, as he would have been another Giles in extremis, making the match even more tedious. I saw Panesar play in Sydney against NSW, and he was economical without being at all dangerous. At the same match Collingwood took a leaf out of the Boycott manual and spent his lunch break batting in the nets, so the comparison isn't wide of the mark.


I am putting a few bucks on Punter to make it to at least equal top of the centuries list before the end of the series. 6 (maybe 7?) full innings and in his current form and mindset I reckon he is going to get there.

16 wickets and 1100 runs in 4 days does not say much for the state of the pitch. Are we taking pitch preparation trips from Colombo?

Flemmo is a great addition to the commentary team. He was able to give great insight into the effect marriage has had on Ricky Ponting's captaincy.......of the Nerds. Sure he still races greyhounds, but he has been buying nicer clothes and may have to become an all-rounder with a foot in the Julios camp.

Scott Wickstein

Yes, the bowlologist is a useful addition to the ranks.

Melbourne Test to be decisive in this series....


I dunno about anyone else, but I'm sick of this Julios vs. Nerds tripe they trot out every summer.


Al's got a point. They're starting to flail the skin off the back of that Julios/Nerds "gag". Flem could pull back there, but it's a quibble. Just compare his material with Drew Morphett's tiresome links or Glenn Mitchell's dumb analogies.

I was wondering at lunch (mine, not the croqueters) whether Ponting could overtake The Batsmen Formerly Known as Yousuf Youhana for tons this year. It's unlikely he'll get one tomorrow, but he has another four chances after that. Could, indeed, be worth a flutter.


Who's thinking what I'm thinking? Last day shenanigans: Fanie De Hoggard, anyone?


I think it's heading towards the draw - but gee, I'd like to see Lee fire up before the end of the game. He's playing as if his place is secure - I'm sure Labrette will attract more yoof to cricket than newly married Brett....CA will realise this too.


I wish Tait would put up an irresistable case for selection, instead of teasing us. Lee needs to know there's someone breathing down his neck, but so far no one's ... sorry ... stepping up.

I reckon Watson will come in for Perth, though.


That third day was proper test cricket. Disappointing to see an appearance from children's entertainer, Gilo The Clown but, well, you can't have everything.

I cauight some of the "rivetting" pyjama crap between South Africa and India. A total blow out and that tool Smith and his boys celebrate like they'd just won the lottery.

Is there anywhere in Oz that has a strip that hasn't been prepared by the accountants at CA? Freddy's ankle won't last much longer at this rate.


We said a collective thanks when Giles put that catch down, Woody. A generous gesture, if ever there was one.

I'd say CA had it planned that the pitches were intended to wreck Fred's ankle, but it's probably doing the same sort of damage to our bowlers.


Do you think Sporting Life has lowered its expectations?

Now listen here

EVEN though the Test cricket was dull on Saturday — well, it was for Aussie supporters — the same cannot be said about ABC radio's coverage, including some excellent input from its listeners. Like the woman who called in from Murray Bridge, South Australia, to say she was abandoning the match to go outside to watch the grass grow "because it will be more interesting". And another offered this explanation as to why the Adelaide crowd was so well behaved: "I reckon they're all asleep," he said.

Excellent input? "Jokes" about grass growing are about as funny as watching paint dry.


They can't afford to drop Lee - he needs the cash to pay his fine. What bullshit. I thought excessive appealing was supposed to stop players appealing for every ball - not for appealing waht looked like an entirely legitimate chance. Sure - the replay eventually showed that Sleepy Bucknor got it right, but Lee was well within his rights to appeal for a crucial wicket. Maybe Straya should cite Bucknor for bringing the game into disrepute. Then we should refuse to take the field tomorrow - it's going to be a waste of everyone's time anyway, and with the weather warming up they can all go to the beach instead. Bucknor's laid-back West Indian approach to his job is really starting to shit me - it'd be nice if he could make a decision in the same session as the incident that prompted it.


On second thoughts, I would like to apologise to all clowns for comparing them to Giles given that many of them incorporate a competent juggling-based item into their routine.

What I should have compared Giles to is a fucking useless, plodding, non-spinning mediocrity, who has the audacity to wear a pair of 1970's Dirty Harry style shades in a vain attempt to convince us that he should be taking part in a premier sporting event and not carrying the drinks at a village idiots versus local retards 20/20.


Don't hold back Woody - what are you really trying to say mate?
(Have to agree, though.)


Draw incoming upon the morrow, without a shadow of a doubt.

Fair enough bring in Watto for Perth Tone, but at the expense of pup? The lad has grabbed this opportunity with both hands and is making the selectors job real difficult. I say drop Haydos... yes, really, and Watto can open the batting with Gnome.

With the stunned silence I now expect I'll say the line between genius and fool is a very thin one indeed, and my er... vindication depends entirely on Wattos success.

As for Lee, get Tait or Johnson to come practice in the nets with him... might get him thinking.
I'm not ready to give up on McGrath just yet, that old warhorse still has some good days left in him. Melbourne will be one of 'em.

Dirk Thruster

Fleming is generally good, but I'm getting fairly tired of hearing about his batting average and Gillespie's double century.


Watson in for Martyn or Hayden. If he comes in for Hayden, then Tait or Johnson in for Martyn. Of course, I wouldn't have the balls to make the decision in real life.


I wanna see some Calypso cricket in Perth - Windies circa 1980 style. Anyone bowling under 140kmph is out - play Lee, Johnson, Tait and Clark (at a pinch - I can't think of anyone else quick), a la Marshall/Holding/Garner/Roberts. Spinners can fuck off - I feel a need for speed. Tell Haydo to bat master blaster style at no.3, grow a beard, stand 6 feet out of his crease and bat with no more protection than the baggy green and a huge was of chewing gum. Then it will start getting interesting.


13: Andre Nel better hope he never has to play under the same umps and ref. The way he appeals, he'd be out of pocket for the next ten years. Even Woody's favourite clown appeals more than Lee.

If you look again, Vindi, you'll see I called for Watson to replace Martyn. And for Hungry Jaques to replace Flat-Track.

Fat chance, Nick Two. Apparently the WACA is playing like it did in the mid eighties when they redid the ground. Although latest reports suggest the track they are going to use in the test is a lot livelier than the tracks they've been using in the Puras and McDonald's Mercantile Gillette Ford Ranger Cup


Actually, Dirk, I don't mind his Gillespie jabs. But you're right, he needs to keep an eye out that he doesn't over-do it.

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