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CrookInfo Gold:

Clark to Giles, OUT, edged - and gone. That one, on a decent length, squares Giles up a treat and the outside edge flies straight to Warne at first slip; such chances don't come much more straightforward. Giles, like a simpering lover who can't accept he's been dumped, lingers longingly at the crease, but indeed he has been dismissed and he trudges slowly off


More from Crook:

James Anderson comes in. It must be almost over as Ian Botham is in full rant mode about England's lack of preparation etc ... he is turning into a 21st century Fred Trueman



"ICC ... a waste of space," splutters Fred Botham to no one in particular

Snr Nubi

Hmmm, I seem to remember that I mentioned in an earlier comment that Ponting & Co have a tee time booked for 1.10pm @ Royal Qld today. Well it's all wrapped up at 11.30 Qld time, plenty of time to down & few and still make it to the 1st.


They'll make their tee-time just as long as Tone doesn't keep them too long on the dias getting pictures for the latest piece of Tone's Tatt - "Gabba Glory".

Snr Nubi

Tone G, yes Packer has much to answer for!! Perhaps with the Ch9 media assets now half owned by a US private equity group, the penny might drop. We can only hope.


CrookInfo seem a little cynical:

To follow - The thrills of the post-match ceremony where sponsors try to get their logos on screen as much as possible


Nah - Big Tone won't be an issue - just ask Pawar. If The Salesman won't fuck off and let them bask, Marto (aka 'The Donkey') will just gently direct him to one side.
Punter'll be spewing - he has to nurse his back, so no golf for him, I'm afraid.


And it's goodnight from them:

That's about it from us. Thanks for staying with us through this match and join us again on Friday morning for the Adelaide Test. Your commentators in this Test have been Will Luke, Jenny Thompson and Martin Williamson and we will be back in three days. The final word comes from Boonie who, on cue, bursts into life with "I want a beer, I want a beer". What an excellent idea. Beefy, meanwhile, has fallen off the desk and is lying, beaten and silent, on the floor ...


Right then. I can go back into class and really give it both barrells. I'm a professional, afterall.


At least the series is at this time of year. On the days I turn up (running down the sickies, with a few saved for the next Test here in Adelaide) most of the time, I'm the only one turning up for class, so I just wait ten, then retire back to my office for more cricket. And, if I have no lessons after lunch, I get to shoot through at about 12:46 (what with L5 concluding - if it happens - at 12:45). It is somewhat unedifying having to jostle with the remaining kids at the gates, but there you go...

Scott Wickstein

How'd you give students knowlege with both barrels? You are a man of many talents, TT.


Can't you save that toast with a little scraping?


Actually, the bit about both barrels reminds me of a recurring fantasy I used to have about one of my feral Y10 classes...

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