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In the interest of team balance they should replace him with Graham Thorpe.


You can see it now... no matter how well Australia plays in retaining the Ashes down here, the injuries will have robbed the Poms of fielding half a decent team.

Just like we were robbed last series in losing McGrath before Edgbaston...


Just like McGrath last year (ignoring Ponting giving away The Luck), Simon Jones is the key loss. That Welshman can bowl. Vaughan can bat, yeah, but his last couple of years have been strongly reminiscent of Mike Brearley in his ... errr ... pomp.

I'd be stunned if the Aussie quicks weren't rubbing their hands in anticipation of getting stuck into Strescothick.


Hmm, my comment seems to have disappeared mid-submission. Hopefully this won't be a re-post.
I'll bet our boys were looking forward to finishing of TreSoftcock. Damn shame that.
All of this excitement has prompted me to dust of my sporadic blog. You might appreaciate my appraisal of 'Sooky' Smith earlier this year.


I didn't know you had a blog, 13. Good show. Doubtless you will exhibit better technique than Stressa.


Forced to agree; Tresco's form has been awol for over a year. Considering his ashes average in 2005 was 43 and yet his overall average versus Australia was still only 33 it's clear he wasn't favourite to top score for us. It also keeps Cooky away from Warne early doors. Vital also that Bell shows a bit of form and that your selectors keep their faith with the pensioners.

Simon Jones is indeed a gem, let's hope Anderson(who is much more consistent these days) steps up to the plate.



Have a click on the link above. Now just try to imagine it with Lang, Haydos, Marto et al in the headline rather than Shark.

ps : Mozz prevents me from voicing my thoughts about the upcoming series and World Cup.


Er Woody I don't think you can step up to the plate in cricket
Can you?


Step up to the plate, cricket....I'm thinking Cosgrove.


Yes but the thing is, we'll still win. And even when we inevitably don't, this will only serve to reinforce our sense of national failure which already exists, so ha, the joke is on the colonies. And anyway, if you look at it, Isla Fisher was bagged by Sascha Baron Cohen who is both a baron and English, which means technically, we win the ashes by default. And anyway, we don't even want the ashes, or the All Black's Rugby World Cup, since where it's really at is the Football World Cup, which technically, neither of us will ever win, which makes us all wish we were Brazilian. Well me anyway, just for the beaches.


Is Kieran's last name Trescothick?


Woody, I'll be hoping our bowlers can get through Bell, Cook and whoever replaces Stress because the way Strauss is going, he'll be hard to get out. At some stage, too, Pietersen will probably get going. I hope not.

Nice one about Cosgrove, Nick.

Kieran, do you realise yesterday was the first time I heard that Ali G was Borat? Am I slow? Don't answer that.


Ali G = Borat. You're not alone in being slow on the uptake on that one, Tone. Me, too.

Speaking of Brazilians - dunno if this is genuine, but I thought it was funny:

Kerry's sitting in the commentary box reading the paper during a lunch break with his mate Jeff Thompson.

All is quiet and Tommo says "What are you reading Kerry?"

Kerry replies "An article about the war in Iraq"

Tommo says "What about the war in Iraq?"

Kerry replies "The article says that 3 Brazilian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war"

Tommo goes quiet, looks puzzled and says, "How many's a Brazilian?"


YEah, I like it, too. But from here in Melbourne, Braxtoria, Frank Sinatra, The World, I can see Thommo's tongue bulging in his cheek.

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