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By the way, that's "padding up" as in getting ready to play. Not "padding up" as in Bell playing a Warne zooter.

Snr Nubi

sms was from tetley TWJ. If Binga has been picked up a few times, then Tait's 'faster ball' is a little disturbing....


Just saw Tait's PM XI wickets on BJ & The Boys. He's whippy, alright, but he looked ok for those three balls and they were quick. No idea about the other 45 balls, but my foolproof sampling suggests he's fine.

Thought Tetley would have been at Punt Road cheering on boom recruit K. Kingsley.

Scott Wickstein

I doubt there's any problems with Tait's action. The Poms didn't complain in 2005. The Asians might complain about his action, because if they face him, he'll hurt them. But they are cricketing 'girly men' and no one cares what they think anyway.

I'm about the only guy in Adelaide that doesn't think he should be in the Brisbane Test line up. I'd go for a leftie- Bracks (N, not S) or Johnson for mine.


Clearly Fletch has told our boys to make every Oz batsman look like the new Bradman, and, as such increase the pressure on the incumbents. Langer, Hayden, Gilly and Martyn will know they're only a couple of bad knocks from the elbow.

Sad that old Jones gets the nod; always poor to see an artist losing out to a paid-up memeber of the Stevie Wonder school of wicket-keeping. Still, it might mean Monty gets a game.

This Malcolm Connn sounds somewhat of a tool, or maybe just a typical tabloid screamer.

I'd avoid the swamps of The Australian's cricket blogs. Some seriously one-eyed, low-wattage cricket fans in there.


If MacGill doesn't play the selectors are morons. In fact they're morons anyway because they've failed to pick him for the last 10 years.

Tait or Johnson over Bracken over here, possibly. But picking Tait over Bracken in England was equally retarded.


Geeze Tone, so long without a cricketing post - I was starting to get worried!

Scott: The asian countries may be cricketing "girly men" but unfortunately we've learned the ICC DOES care about what they think.

I've regained an ever-so-slight modicum of respect for the PCB for giving "B-grade" Akhtar two years, slap on another for moonwalking on the wicket I say... now if they could just draw their attention to certain ball tampering players they'll be back in my good books.

Hell Yobbo, MacGill doesn't get selected because he doesn't drink VB, doesn't drink XXXX, and doesn't drink any kind of other alcoholic beverage except one made from sour grapes... and that just won't do for the sponsers, no sir!


Johnson over Bracken or Tait. I think he is worth the risk. Also, Watson at 6 (or 7) over Clarke, to ease the strain on McGrath, and to leave open the possibility of playing MacGill.

Put Brett Lee on notice too. His record hasn't been that good since he came back to test cricket.


There's a couple of the Poms looking in better form after a hit-out against McGrath et al. They may not have made all the runs, but Yarpie Pietersen and Freddie both did well - anyone watch it? Did they look OK?


What do you get if you hold a cricket ball in one hand and another cricket ball in the other hand?
A motherfucking big cricket.

Just making sure we make all the bad jokes first before the Oz selectors do. Like not picking MacGill again. It's a youngish reivigourated England side with a pirate captain. Australia's gonna need all the guile and experience it can muster.


A pirate captain, you say? Pity we can't pick Warwick "The Big Ship" Armstrong to deal with the blighter.

Clem Snide

I saw NSW vs England, though only the first day when NSW were batting. The English bowlers were hopeless. Even the reserve wicketkeeper Smith, plucked from grade cricket obscurity, looked completely comfortable (albeit overly respecful at times) batting against Flintoff, Harmison, Giles et al. The batsmen basically got themselves out, but generally looked untroubled - all except Michael Clarke who, as usual, made 50 without for one minute looking convincing. The main highlight for English supporters was the miraculous sight of Pietersen holding a catch, and a difficult one at that.



I was wondering if you were planning on writing any articles regarding the upcoming Ashes?

[email protected]


I yam indeed, Michelle. Stay tuned.

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