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Scott Wickstein

Anderson got a 5? This must be one of those new fangled report cards where no one fails to protect their self esteem or whatever nonsense it is...


Bloody hell! If the 'Gabba wasn't helpful enough - how's he going to go on the Adelaide Road. Punter will carve Harmy up again with those short square boundaries.

Hoggard looks most likely to develop a 'plan B'. Anderson looks like a good grade cricket bowler. English top order looks fragile. Strauss out of touch, Cook straight off the plane Warney would be asking for the second over of the day with an early wicket so he could get at Bell again.

The numbers for the Aussies seem right to me. Brett Lee barely gets a pass with his 2 key wickets but I would start to pick Watson if it is batting that is keeping him in the side.


KP might make short work of the Adelaide boundaries, so we better not drop him, or give him any chances. They might also be tempting for Strauss, but hopefully he's still mishitting them straight down the leg trap's throats.


Steak tartare sounds a little highbrow for Chappelli.


He's probably used up all the anecdotes about eating prawn cocktails with Garth McKenzie.

Brett Pee

Quite frankly i am being generous- Harmy 1 out of 10 for me.

But was Oliver marking them out of 100 or 10 ? We need to be told.

Roll on a 5-0 whitewash.

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