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Can't argue with any of that. One lone arsehole runs off at the mouth, and everyone with an interest in beating it up strikes gold. If you want to consider racism, it baffles me why no-one even mentions the general British attitude towards, oh, pretty much everyone on earth - and us in particular. Their racist attitude is interwoven into their sport and media cultures that no-one even mentions it.
Of course, Sooky Smith will be loving this - he whines about Australian racism for the same reasons the poms do - it distracts from his own manifest shortcomings.


It's a sign of the times when the nonsense of one dumb nobody sparks international outrage and upsettedness.


Yeah - but consider the context. Cabron is in India, preaching to the converted. The Indians love the chance to rip into us, as do the poms, so it's a marriage made in heaven. Cabron gets to distract everyone from Britain's deeply ingrained racism - in a country where some searchingly uncomfortable questions may have soon been raised, as the Indians love carpeting the poms, too - and the Indians get another free hit.
You have to remember, Tone, that only whites can be racist. Apparently no other culture has racist elements (as you and both could attest to, what with teaching in public schools of widely varying backrounds), and one drunken wanker can be considered representative of all 20 million of us.


At least Stakeholders Sutherland is playing it down. "I think it is very much an alleged incident. Certainly we haven't had any complaints or anything from the English team and I mean the issue is something that is completely in line with and consistent with our position all along and that is there is no place for racism or racist taunts in our matches."

Can't let a fathead "damage the brandname".


The Poms have been reading the SMH and the Age and they're going to tap into our one weakness - the irrational fear of 'Australian racism'. Despite the fact that Australia offers opportunity for all...as opposed to virtually any other country you can name (England - long history of race riots, India - caste system, South Africa - apartheid, Sri Lanka - racial violence, NZ - the Maoris, WI - treatment of Indian minorities....), we still get touchy about the subject. One fool does not make a summer.


When was the Villa incident, Tony? My understanding is that things have got a lot better over the last ten years.

Authorities have started to take it seriously. It sounds to me like Caborn's on the Panesar incident (hardly reported here, btw - first I've heard of it, anyway) because of the experience of the English football team. Every time they play in Central/Eastern Europe (and Spain) the black players get booed - the FA and government have now started to complain about it.


Yeah, I've got to say that your view of the English soccer scene seems a bit out of date from where I'm sat (London). What you're talking about was definitely in the game 10 or 15 years ago, but isn't something your average footy fan would recognise today. Within the context of Europe (at the very least), English football has a very good reputation for multicultural enlightenment and an absence of racism.

Like you say, you get the odd idiot who says something like this and the press jump on it for sake of some outraged headlines and something to get hysterical about. Politicians jump on it to get their mugs in the papers and win brownie points. It's a bullshit story.

But Nick, to point out the race related shortcomings of the other cricketing nations, whilst holding up Australia as some spotless nation offering 'opportunity for all' is a bit lame. Every country has history (both recent and going way back) to be ashamed of.


You certainly don't get much of that nowadays. The behaviour of fans on the terraces is so policed you can barely even stand up at Upton Park:


I agree though, it's stupid the way the press have leaped on something so miniscule, as if a group should be held responsible for the actions of one fellow. All just part of the usual bollocks before these big games.

Nick - come off it. I'm sure Australia is a damn fine country, but you've got skeletons in the closet as well . . . everybody has. Get over it - anyway, wouldn't it be better to talk about cricket? You're better enough than us at that without having to resort to nonsense.


In the spirit of Caborn, Nick might be overstating the case (and leaving out our own skeleton filled closet), but he's spot on to mention Straya's unmatched ability to grovel at ourselves over accusations of racism.

Clearly the Herald Sun wants to keep the issue bubbling along. It's not Ben "The Twerp" Dorries, but Jon Pierik can be just as aggravating. Get a load of this DAY LATE headline:

Monty Panesar attacked by fan

CRICKET Australia yesterday tried to play down the significance of taunts directed at English spinner Monty Panesar, but the British Government was having none of it.

Fotunately The Australian's Malcolm Conn and Andrew Ramsay are still reading the AGB and have things in the correct perspective.


Thrown curve ball, batsmen dismiss net gain

BARELY audible above the pub debate that greeted the naming of Australia's Test squad was a steady whimpering that emanated from various corners of the continent.

Sensitive listening equipment installed at all Test venues by Cricket Australia's new Rudely Anti-social Crowd Incidents Surveillance Team (RACIST) was used to track these noises and duly unearthed their source.


It's not always black and white when it comes to racial taunts

Racism won't be tolerated, but common sense is called for, writes Malcolm Conn.

ONE silly crowd comment is made to Monty Panesar during a tour match and suddenly political correctness is in danger of rampaging out of control.

That Britain's Sports Minister Richard Caborn feels compelled to announce that he will speak to his Australian counterpart about the racial abuse suffered by English cricketers on the Ashes tour of Australia highlights the speed of this runaway train.

Already more than 40,000 fans have watched the first five playing days of England's highly anticipated tour, and these have just been warm-up matches.

By the time England leaves our shores early in February after five Tests and the usual myriad one-day matches, more than one million cricket lovers will have poured through the gates to sell-out games around the country.

Inevitably, there will be stupid, boorish and, most sadly of all, probably racist comments from a tiny minority.

And finally, you English chaps certainly have a point. The incident in question occurred in January 1991, so it wasn't yesterday. However, the article I linked to suggests the issue of racism in soccer hasn't miraculously disappeared. Only a politician would try to pretend that it had. Those same fans who were chanting (and a couple of years later brandishing bananas), are still mostly there at the games. They just know that if they mouth off, they will get booted out, so they keep shtum.


Sorry, forgot Conn's take on our Yarpie mate G. Smith:

For South Africa captain Graeme Smith and a reactive South African administration to lay it at the feet of Australian crowds was just ridiculous. This says more about the mindset of Smith towards Australia and the administration trying to bridge the old and new South Africa.

Just ask England's former South African, Kevin Pietersen, about the abusive nature of South African crowds and he will tell you Australia is a doddle by comparison.

So condemn racism whenever you come across it but do not carry a collective guilt imposed by tabloid beat-ups and international overreaction to a few isolated incidents.


Steve, tomla - 'spotless'- definitely not. The point I was trying to make is that I don't think we are any worse than anyone else. I won't be shouting racist taunts at English cricketers this summer (well, I'll call them Poms), and I won't back anyone who does. Similarly, I won't get behind anyone that thinks this Australia is some sort of haven for rednecks. Being from the UK, and of mixed race myself, I have never experienced the sort of abuse I used to cop on a daily basis back in the mother country.

ps I hope never to see G.Smith on the winners podium against Australia - I'd rather see the Poms retain the Ashes.


I'm a racist if calling The Barmy Army a bunch of pisshead third-tier professionals is racist. What a bunch of accountants!

Mahatma Coat

He should have called him a dumb currymuncher. That would have been racist.

I do get a laugh out of someone from Britain complaining about racism towards Indians.

I didn't fight (non-violently) for 40 odd years to get the Poms to stop treating us like slaves, just to have some Brit complain that Aussies are racist towards Indians.

Oh, did I mention that I was killed because the Hindus decided that they hate the Muslims and took on a policy of genocide? Things are cool now because we are pointing nuclear weapons at it other, so thankfully we're over that.

Brits treat Indians like slaves, Indians commit genocide because of religious beliefs, and Aussies are racist for calling an Indian a dumb Indian.


'I'm a racist if calling The Barmy Army a bunch of pisshead third-tier professionals is racist.'

Not only not racist, it's not even insulting! Have a shit job you don't care about, live for the weekend. That's just the way it is.


It could be worse - we could be calling them as mad as two-bob watches:


These travel guides are always intriguing - they seem to lock onto a notion of Australian language that died with Chips Rafferty, and never seem to get beyond it. Who the fuck is - or was - Adrian Quist?


Graeme Smith is a tool of the highest order. It doesn't take a genius to know that most Australians don't speak Afrikaans, and therefore the spectators abusing Ntini and Pollock in Afrikaans in Perth were not Australians. They were recently transplanted South Africans, of which Perth has a shitload.

I must admit that I am guilty of yelling out "Inzamam Mota Aloo" at the WACA at the last test against the Pakis. But that's not a racial slur, it just means Inzamam is a fat cunt (which he is) in Urdu (which he speaks). And I wouldn't have been yelling it out if it wasn't for the fact that the Paki bloke sitting next to me told me to say it.


"Inzamam Mota Aloo" means Inzamam's a large potato, you drunken, sheep-shagging, melanomic ex-convict, garbage. Do you why Australians are lousy chess players? They are too drunk to make the next move! The terrorist has taken another wicket!! you dumb arse.


"Inzamam Mota Aloo" means Inzamam's a large potato, you drunken, sheep-shagging, melanomic ex-convict, garbage. Do you why Australians are lousy chess players? They are too drunk to make the next move! The terrorist has taken another wicket!! you dumb arse.

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