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Scott Wickstein

School's out, TT?


Nope. I'm just not in class at the moment.


Worst first ball ever? (Touch wood.)

Scott Wickstein

Was pretty ordinary, wasn't it.

0 for 57 at drinks. No cause for fulmination yet.


Some good shots, some bad shots, some worse bowling that got better as the hour went on. Gnome & Flat-Track better not get ahead of themselves.


Well, that's my 1/100 wish knocked on the head. Who knows, after all the Langer speculation, maybe Hungry Jaques will come in for Flat-Track instead.


So how about that "Hot Spot" cam?


Can't see it; I'm on the radio at the minute. Is it better than SkyCam?

Scott Wickstein

Meh. They got some poncy Infrared camera that shows when the ball hits the bat. Maybe James Packer did well at science at school.

They are also commenting in packs of three. Two too many.


I think it's pretty cool. Not much margin for error unlike hawkeye, although they are yet to show what it looks like when the ball hits a thigh pad or something.


If it's better than Hawk that's a good start. If it's as good as super slo-mo, that's even better. If it's better than me sitting at home reading the paper, eating chips, drinking softies and listening to the radio, that's the best.


Hang your head in shame, Gnome. Fancy chucking away a ton, like that.

Scott Wickstein

Greigy is still flogging 'memorabilia' shit. That man is a menace to civillisation.


What is it this year? Punters' Pad? Freddie's Five-For? I wonder - has ANY piece of Tone's Tatt ever appreciated in value?


What the?!? Why is Martyn getting out to a spinner on day one of a Gabba test?

Scott Wickstein

3 for 219 at tea. Ponting is suffering from some hardcore mozzing on ABC.


Oh, spot on Wicky! Spanky, Aggers, Jimbob and Mitchell (he doesn't deserve a nickname) have been doing their best to see Ponting back in the rooms. "He looks brilliant!" "Looks in great touch!" and worst of all "He looks set to add to his tally of centuries." Swine.

Martyn shouldn't be out, and 3 for 219 says England have fought back well. We don't want to squander the start so heads down, boys.


The track's a belter but the Poms have bowled poorly in the main.

They won't get through their 90 even with the extra half hour and the Aussies should have 350+ on the board. 2002 looks like the rule rather than the exception.


They've tightened their attack, so if we get 300+ it will be a good day's work. And judging by the strip, we need to get as many as possible before the Poms bat because I don't reckon they'll be easy to get through.


Stop Press : Hot Spot camera banned after Murali's elbow glows during every delivery...


I just saw the hot spot for the first time. You're right about Murali's elbow, Nick, it will glow like blue blood stains in CSI.

Just saw that Ponting ElBee shout, too. Very close.


346 - you were miles out, Bruce.

Yorkshire Soul

Aaargh, Pieterson bowling and yet Panesar is left out, now there's some stupid selecting.


They could have done with Monty today, Mike. I bet I know your first thought when Pietersen started making them turn and bounce.

The (WHMECDM) President

The Ians (Heals and Chappelli) should never be allowed to commentate together.

Channel Nine's threesomes will make this an all too often reality. At least they won't be on their own.


They should never be left alone; they need a sitter.

Brett Pee

Mate....you don't know how long i've waited for this.....the Poms getting a caning in our own back yard. Punts must be the modern day equivalent of Bradders with a chanceless and scripted ton. Roll on 600 and with even Pietersen turning a couple i'll wager a couple of 5 or 6 fors for Warnie. Looking good......almost like 2005 never happened, good times ahead.

Do the Poms have any BOWLING ? Where is the new Turbanator ? Why are they so bloody negative ? How DID we lose to this rabble ? Answers on a postcard please.


I know exactly how long you've waited for this, Brett. Since 12 September 2005.

But remember it's still just Day 1 of Test 1. Look at what happened last time.


Even for the "in our back yard" part you only have to go back to 02/03.

I'm amazed they got through the 90 in the end.


Indeed. And I'm amazed Nine televised all 90.


If there had been even an ant's bollock hair of swing or movement off the deck then Langer would have made less than 10. Tone, I bow to no man in my admiration of the Welsh King but even he would have struggled out there. Punter was class as always.

If we can see off the sex pest in our first knock I reckon we'll only lose by an innings and 25, sometime just after tea on day 4.

Aus: 580 for 8 dec
Eng: 360 and 195

For an experienced front line bowler, in his prime at only 28, to bowl the crap that Harmison does is bad manners, and we can only apologise.


32 tons for Punter now. He could catch Sachin before the end of the summer.


Woody: That's the thing - it doesn't swing much out here; nor does the Kooka move around as much as your balls. (Hmmm. That doesn't look right.) Hoggard and Anderson got a lesson from Flinty in how to belt the ball into the track to get it working off the seam. As for Harm, that first ball was just about as inauspicious as it gets. In fact, it was the linear opposite of the first ball last year.

Woody & Bruce: As I said above, it's still just the first day. England are better than they showed today and will be hard to beat. I've still got my fingers and toes firmly crossed that our bowlers can get through England on this pitch that still may play OK despite the occasional jitter today.


Got to agree with you Tone - it's only day one (of test 1). Sure, it's a great start, and hopefully Harmless is feeling about as demoralised and homesick as he possibly can, but the Poms can still come back. Still, they looked really negative today - as is their wont.
Last year was a bit of a departure for them really - this is more like their old approach. If they lose in Brissie, they'll no doubt do what they always used to do, and just play for a series draw. That's why they shit me so much - it appears that they already have that option as a firm contingency, which will mean a return to the boring old days.


That was a very funny piece of live cricket blogging gents.

It strikes me that cricket, especially through it's tempo, is almost perfectly suited to live blogging, particularly by snarky aficiandos.

Here's another entertaining example of the genre:

""Nine times out of ten, you should automatically bat first. The other time you should think about fielding, but then bat anyway."

And that'll go done for posterity as either a Colemanball or as I reckon another sardonic piece of Aus gamesmanship.

I think young Ponting is shaping up rather well as Captain don't you? He seems to have the requisite smarts and match cunning along with a fair hand with the willow.


Is there a more uneven contest in world cricket than Harmison vs Ponting? Harmy has one delivery, the mediocre short ball, and he's up against the best pull shot in recent memory. It's a wonderful thing to behold. This is going to be a great summer.

Scott Wickstein

Also nice is waking up to find that Foxtel are showing two hours of highlights. They should just move all the cricket to Foxtel.

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