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Harsha bogle is ace. I could listen to those broadcasts all night long.

Scott Wickstein

I wouldn't go that far but after suffereing through those Yarpies, yes they make a nice change.

Russell Allen

It was excellent commentary...game wasn't so bad either.


What's a telecast? Come to think of it, what's cricket?


Ah, the lack of technology must be wonderful. Takes me back to the days when chuckers were chuckers.

Some other Bruce

I've always rated Wasim Akram and I have been impressed with his work behind the mike.

I think the status of the match-up has tempered the commentary and made it much more bearable. The best that this series could have offered was a competitive couple of days play by the Bangas and we got that. There is no need to try and talk it up or pretend that this is a life or death struggle. No need to flog anything or jazz up the coverage to appeal to the male 12-24 age group. Just showing the cricket and discussing the cricket. No wonder we like it.


Maybe we could go back in 3-4 months for some more practice??? That said, at England's current rate of attrition, they may not be able to field a side here in November!


Dizzy - run machine.

Some other Bruce

I wish I were home rather than in the office this afternoon. The only thing that could make this deadest of rubbers interesting has happened. Dizzy doubles it up.

david tiley

Did they say anything about the fact that the police beat the crap out of local journalists at the match, putting two in hospital with head injuries? The rest went on strike to protest and 300 scribes rallied in the streets to protest next day.

It is great that law enforcement officers care about the quality of coverage, but surely that is going too far.

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