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Don't you just love the Aussie middle order? No, neither do I. Drop Clarke and Symonds. Langer back in to open. Hussey to four. Hodge at five.

Living in Canberra

Agree with Tony T. Why do we need these allrounders who are not up to it as either batsmen or bowlers? Symonds is not a test standard player.

Brett Pee

Drop Clarke !! Another outrageous comment Tony. I think you live for 'em !!. Personally i have no real problems with our middle order, and eyeing up a colossal innings win (bar Lara) over this shower of shit i reckon all the barbs being aimed at Brett Lee have to stop. He's becoming indespensable to our attack.

But i reckon Phil Jacques could be worth a shot, just as i advocated Hussey a year or so back. Doing grreat in England and looks pretty classy- only we have to see what he can achieve against consistently test class bowling.

Symonds out ? Absolutely. He should never have been in- strictly a Kevin Pietersen type of destructive 1 day man.

I dont know about 3rd umpires on the Piss, but in Billy 'Crooked Finger' Bowden, we have one consistently TAKING the piss all year round. And now he's in Pakistan- does anyone know anybody who can park a bomb laden car in front of his Hotel ??


Clarke needs a spell in the Puras to get his act together. Just like Mark Waugh, Justing Langer, Matthew Hayden, Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting and Damien Martyn before him.

My present line-up would be:

1. Hayden
2. Langer
3. Ponting
4. Hussey
5. Hodge
6. Symonds (On notice)
7. Gilchrist
8. Warne
9. Lee
10. MacGill or Bracken
11. McGrath
12. The best fielder in the Puras

A few words on Hodge. His was the most comfortable and assured debut since Mark Waugh. He scored of nearly every bad ball, looked as correct as any Australian batsman in years and never looked undecided about which balls to leave. He was also unlucky to be given out, but that's the way things go, so was Ponting in his debut.

He looked every inch a test batsman and must be retained.

Scott Wickstein

AND he's a Victorian!


Stop that!

Russell Allen

McGrath: 25 Overs (incl. 13 maidens) - 2/29
Lee: 27 Overs - 2/99

Class vs Arse


Drop Clarke - it'll do him good, build character, that sort of thing. Keep Shameless and Hodge when Langer returns.
I'm still amazed that Symonds was selected in the first place. He bowled 15 of the 190 overs in the match - so he can't be there for his bowling. If they do want more bowling options, go with 5 real bowlers, and play both Bracken and MacGill.
If a top six of Hayden/Langer/Ponting/Hussey/Hodge and Gilchrist, plus whatever Warne and Lee offer can't get enough runs, then we're stuffed.

The whole approach of selecting an all-rounder for the sake if it reeks of England throughout the 90s - Dominic Cork, Craig White et al. None of 'em could bat or bowl well enough to be in a test team, and we're now selecting Watson and Symonds, presumable in the hope that they'll morph overnight into Flintoff.

And it's high time this rant included the name "Ronnie Irani".


I'll take your Ronnie Irani and raise you a Mark Alleyne. He wasn't even good enough to play a test, just the one-dayers. His speciality was neither bowling OR batting, but falling over.

Brett Pee

Tony- i've seen your Ronnie Irani, but i'll throw in my house AND David Capel, another so-called 'all-rounder' whom the Poms peddled around in the 90's. Now that's hard to beat.

You have your wish oh wise one:- Clarkie is out. I reckon it's bordering on shocking, dropping the golden boy, the brightest bulb of a generation. Character building ? Unless he is another Mark Ramprakash and vanishes into obscurity and a lack of self belief. Have you got a hot line to the selectors ? Now this dropping of Clarke reminds me of the Poms chopping and changing of batsmen in the 90's!

I'll raise you Kim Barnett..........


Mark Lathwell.

Some other Bruce

One thing I'd like to see. Brian Lara being given the benefit of the doubt. It's like the current crop of umpires are *trying* to get turned into coat racks. Are these really the best in the world right now? Even Taufel was involved in a howler on the Inzi runout. Billy Clownden seems to have no understanding of the LBW laws, his gunning out of Younis Khan must be near the top of a very long list of shockers he has pulled out of his crooked little arse.

Maybe they're tired or something. Shipped all over the world to stand in half a series before getting shunted off somewhere else. I can understand that taking its' toll.

They better get their shit together soon or I'm gunna have to choke down on my rising gall and agree that they need more help.


That runout of Inzi was a fucking disgrace! It was Taufel was it? That's disappointing, he's been OK. Bowden is a fuckstick, though. Sooner we're shot of him, the better.

Elsewhere, Bruce, what about that swine Shahid Afridi? CHEAT! AND he did it when there was a hint of a bomb. What a shocker! He should have gotten more than one test and two ODIs.

Some other Bruce

Taufel was at the bowler's end so he was perhaps the least culpable of the 3 blind mice. Nevertheless....

I was only half watching that Afridi thing and at first glance it just looked like the usual scuffing of the crease line. Then it struck me that "Hang on - that's the middle of the fucking pitch!!!" I only heard 3 matches but didn't know what the breakdown was. That is the remaining test plus 2 ODIs. If it were the first test I reckon he would have got 2 Tests and 2 ODI. The third test would have seen him out for all the ODIs. He got off lightly. I would have removed him from *this* test and the next one. Something that blatant and disgraceful needs some serious action.


Doubtless the adjudication committee (Match Ref?) accepted some bullshit mitigating excuse and/or a heartfelt apology.

All too often the wise burghers assigned to assess these cases are way too keen to help out the do-badder. If anything, they could spank these fuckers to make up for their go-soft on chuckers.

Brett Pee

I've seen your Mark Lathwell, but i have an ace up my sleeve....ROB BAILEY.

And i'm throwing his name onto the table.

Clem Snide

If Afridi did attempt to scuff up a subcontinental pitch, how could they even tell the difference?


For a change the scuffer didn't have GROUNDSMAN written on his shirt.

Some other Bruce

Once again the AGB leads the world in raising the issues.

Maybe they're tired or something. Shipped all over the world to stand in half a series before getting shunted off somewhere else. I can understand that taking its' toll. - Me.

Cricinfo follows the lead with Overdose for the officials.

For fucks sake Kerry, just send us a note and we can replace the whole lot apart from the Doyen.


I'd work minimum wage to commentate with The Doyen. As long as Nine paid my fares and five-star accom. Nor would I talk as much shit as the rest of the tools. So Nine would save on payroll AND shit.

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