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A slow Saturday. It's NOT all happening here!!

Bert von Meringue.

Well, Tony, I happen to agree with you about Bill Lawry, his call was pretty terrible...but he's still better than Tony Grieg, that's for sure. I can't stand that man!


Tony Grieg as per earlier blog sounds like a sex pest phone caller with his heavy breathing

Brett Pee

Bill Lawry sounds like an overexcited schoolkid Tony.

And, by Christ, you know what an overexcited schoolkid sounds like. Especially when she's over your knee.


I know. Mark Nicholas is a duck.


Fortunately, Brett, we don't spank students anymore. Or is that unfortunately? I forget. Shit! I don't know what I think.

Pedro the Ignorant

Mark Nicholas is a... is a ..... Pommy poofter?

(I haven't frgotten your veiled inferences of pillow biters inhabiting the manly world of sports, compadre. Nime the nimes!)


Nothing like that, Pedro. It's a simpler situation: Mark Nicholas is a dick.


Do you have to be a pommie to be a dick, what about John Howard?
He is one massive prick


Tony Grieg sucks shit out of an elephants arse. Fucking donkey-fucking afrikkaner giraffe.

Come to think of it, so does Simon O'Donnell and Ian Chappell.


Do they "take it up the bum"?


I suspect Ian Chappell does

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