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How about Ponting Tosses Ladyboy to Bang-cock
We have seen your computer Ricky, you dirty boy
Here we go again on the cricket


Sorry, I neglected to mention something - Mark Nicholas is a dick.


A round-headed hobbledehoy just took a blinder in the crowd.


Was that a doosra? Yes, it was a doosra. I though they were banned. Are you allowed to chuck in exhibition games? I guess you are.


Hey! I just realised something - the cricket is still on the television and it's past 4:30. None of your "Melbourne viewers leave us now; hurry on down to T-Dome and enjoy this great game." To which I usually reply "Err ... no."

That's new.


Hair today, gone tomorrow. Virender Slog - Yeah Yeah!


Have you gone mad TT


Bill Lawry...

"Bang... BANG!!!!... oh GONE!!!"

The mozz works again...


Tony, Mark Nicholas is a massive bell-end,no question what so ever, he is a spunk-stain who refuses to be washed out, a plague on humanity, the shit off my shoe, and an all round wanker!
Tony I salute you in this observation and offer support if you want to have a go at that sex-pest caller (heavy breath) from S.Africa Tony Greig


I was at a dinner at Lancashire county cricket yesterday and I went down to the 'role of honour' saw ponting and strauss on there and it brought back some great memories of a great series NO MATTER WHAT THE RESULT!!!.
I will cut to the chase,as I was walking down I saw a picture of Wasim and Flintoff. Now two things struck me(apart from the barmaid,but that is another story) that I had not noticed before, 1. Wasim had a massive nose,not one that is just big length, but the width on it.WOW it may have been an hinderence to some but I think Wazzy used it to get his line(and if he was bowling yorkers,length aswell.
2. I know freddie used to be on the large side but what a pair of chest bollocks he used to posess, proper funbags they were, triple chin, he was a right porker.


Ooooooooooo, I was getting so very upset with Bill tonight, Adsy. Hells bells, he is a tool! But if he is mozzing the opposition, then at least he's got that going for him.

On the other hand, if he said "bang" and someone shot him, well, that isn't so hot. For him, anyway.

Mad? It's not madness, Vaughny, it's clarity. Sheer and stunning lucidity. That, and talking to the television then repeating it worldwide to all the people reading on the interwebs.


Dear Oh Dear.


A one-word headline would have been sufficient: Toss.


Crystal clear TT, crystal clear comrade

Clem Snide


It would have been worth the price of admission alone to watch Darrell Hair no-ball Chucky. Sadly Darrell Hair has lost his spine, and even he now concedes that 2+2=5.


Clem, I LONG for the day an umpy again calls Murali.

I'm not like the Nine commentators and Spanky. I'm one of those old fashioned sports watchers who likes to see a game played according to the rules, and people who break the rules getting penalised. It didn't phase me in the slightest when he was called. It wasn't "A black day for cricket" or a "disgrace" as Spankles deemed it. It was an umpy applying the rules. Simple as that. No histrionics involved. No mess. No fuss.

Scott Wickstein

Well there was plenty of histronics, mess and fuss, but only in the commentary box and ICC and sundry media. Of course, thats a plus not a minus.


Is it just my imagination, or is that an ever-so faint beep beep I've been hearing?

Spanky seems to me to lately be regretting his initial Boxing Day brain-explosion and appears to be trying to back away without actually saying or writing anything direct.

He doubtless realises that back then he went so far OTT that he painted himself into a corner on chucking and now finds it difficult to comment sensibly on the issue.

Brett Pee

Call Spanky what you will, but he NEVER backs away- call it stiff upper class Pommy pride, or whatever. It is known as a dignified retreat- like when they faced those wicked Zulus.

NoMark Nicholas has been dropped by Sky hasn't he ? So i've heard. Please tell me it's true.


They didn't retreat against the Zulus. Nevertheless, Nicholas does need an umbhumbluzo across the noggin.

Brett Pee

Is it me? Am i alone in posing these little posers ?

Are the 'World Eleven' over here for a sun tan?

Can they be actually bothered to try and win games ?

Is Andrew Flintoff just working off his Ashes Hangover ?

AND Can we be adjudged to be 'back' after whipping their disunited Butts of the face of the earth ?

Oh, just one more thing- is Shane Watson the Genuinely world class all-rounder we have been searching for or does that title belong to Brett Lee ?

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