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Busy at the moment. It's exam week. Fuck me! We'd be better off testing the morons for what they DON'T know!


That linked photograph is really very depressing.

Harry Hutton

Foreigners always go to Trafalgar Square expecting it to be good. When they get there they learn the truth: it's a roundabout.

Vaughnys swingers

I said days ago trafalgar square was a stupid place to hold it, and I bet thet got full of pigeon shite..
But lads one phrase springs to mind 'he who is bitter,is bitter'Show a bit of class boys its embarrassing reading all your straylian whineing
(agree with the hangers on comment,check out attendance at edgbaston yesterday,resurggence of English cricket my arse, let them go back to playing lacrosse or what-ever these no-marks do)
Oh lancy lancy,lanky lancy lancy lancashire


He really is Vaughan's bollocks isn't he

Vaughnys swingers

Trafalgar square built in 1805, as a monument to the battle of Trafalgar. It is 200 years old which makes it nearly as old as Austrailia.
Trafalgar sq is but a small piece of Englisg hisstory and heritage something you convicts over there could never understand. Maybe in another 200 years you may have a bit of history to talk about that does'nt include croc dundee
(that comment does not take into account WW1 and WW2 where to be frank you boys were shit on from a great height)


Now that you've cleverly retrieved the Ashes Bollocksboy, it looks a bit like your 'Englisg' could do with a 'resurrgence' of spelling and punctuation 'does'nt' it? If you 'conscrue' this to be bitter 'whineing' because you have all the classy 'hisstory and heritage' that a simple convict could never understand, then so be it.


C'mon, Vaughny, who's bagging Traf Square? Not me! I'm bagging the zillion fools who choofed along to stand in a huge crowd for a few hours and then choof on home (or back to work).

What Harry says is right, though (he is English, by the way). It is a most uninspiring roundabout (and bus-terminal).

And what changed your tune, anyway? YOU said it was covered in pidgeon shit!


I've noticed that Vaughnys Bollocks became more and more deranged as victory approached. Now he is bordering on becoming a full blown mental case with gibbering nonsense, yelling at parked cars and shaking his fists at passing schoolchildren.

Beware England, success can do this to you. It has been a long time for you and just this one small drop may infect you with the disease that has befallen many a Lotto winner - utter destitution, moral and mental decay!

It takes an Australian to handle ongoing victory with class and an Englishman to handle ongoing defeat with class. In 18 months things will return to normal. Seek counselling in the meantime.


It's like the emaciated people coming out of concentration camps after the war. One light snack (a stale cheese sarny, ersatz chocy bar and glass of weak cordial) and they died from over-eating.

Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny

Specifically: New Years Eve at Trafalgar Square in 1996 (or was it '99?), when it was the coldest night in London for hundreds of years and the Thames froze for the first time in 400 years, and I was showing an Aussie friend the "delights" of London.

(Actually, London was fun that night, just unbelievably cold).

P.S. Remember Seinfeld's comment to a friend who came back from a game saying "We won"? Seinfeld said, "No -- they won, you watched".

(Of course, this saying is void when Australia win).

Vaughnys swingers

Fair comment, I was going a bit more deranged as victory approached. My puntuation is not that good, sorry sire, 200 lines and back off the class again, oh eer not the belt on my bare bottom!!!!!!
Oi you twatting 8 year old wibble woobllw wibblw Eng-er-land boofjfjfzdkj dkdkjkjg

Vaughny is unavailable at the moment due to a breakdown, and not being able to handle the fact England won, normal service will be resumed when the soccer team play again,until then please accept the apologies of a nation for his increasingly erratic behaviour.

p.s I agree trafalgar square is shite and full of shite aswell

p.p.s bollocksboy,, I like it I like it a lot, keep those names coming

p.p.s how about campese's clit


Scott, the NYE I was on about was 1987/88. It wasn't a record low, but it was cold nevertheless. Especially after we left an excellent pub to go and stand outside looking at a clock WITHOUT being able to drink and then spending housr getting home. Uttterly fucked, it was.


Dallaglio's Danglers?

Vaughnys swingers

Mrs Mangles Minge!!!!
No gotta stop know sports people only
eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Wilkinsons wonga


Mrs Mangles?

Ricky Tomlinson's piles?

Vaughnys swingers

My arse boom boom!!!!


Who is Harold?

Chalfont Ashley Giles?

Vaughnys swingers

Bishop, harold bishop you fool.

Big bad Bradmans Boner


Oh, right. You know something? I have never seen Neighbours. Were you to come to Australia though, you could go on the bus tour that takes English tourists to the real Ramsay Street.

Vaughnys swingers

Ha Ha but in true Aussie fasion even that comes a poor second to those famous cobble down Coronation Street.If you were to come to The republic of Mancunia you couild go down there with all the eeer english tourists,so there sunshine

This is what I appreciate, a good,mature debate


Oops. Time for bed. Kicked arse in trivia tonight and now my brain needs it's rest.


Mature debate is what this blog does best. Ask anyone, they'll tell you.

Vaughnys swingers

Ahhhhh thats better!!!!! Normal service resumed as it's official, England just got beat by Scotland in Elephant Hockey, it was close but those pesky jocks got the edge on us.
Sorry for causing any offence, calling you guys convicts was not very original, and yes I must admit I let by friends,children and town down dreadfully by letting the spelling and puntuation lessons I recieved in school go to waste, we call them English lessons,what do you guys call them,Abo lessons or Austrailian lessons. In my defense I was typing in a rush, what with the slight time difference between by old and esteemed nation and your new and under-developed nation. Please feel free to reply as I write this without slightest hint of sarcasm.

Yours Sincerley

Mr Wayne Kerr

p.s tarantino is making a film about the new orleans floods. It called resesvoir wogs

The city of Liverpool as sent out 200 hundred volunteers to New Orleans to assist with the looting

Brett Pee

All the crowing Poms are out in force in Perth. Tony- How bad is that ? I reckon on staying in this weekend and drinking myself insane. And drowning out all those voices until the only ones i hear are slurred.

Yours, depressed.


That reservoir joke was not only shit, it was spelled wrong. You're a fucking disgrace. It's a miracle England can win anything with plebs like you in the gene pool.


I'm with you HB, that VS is scum from the shallow end of the gene pool, and I hope he drowns in it, and/or his own bile.


Every time I think I've curbed my reliance on violence, along comes an utter cunt like Mr VS to prove me wrong. I'm English by the way, but I'm totally ashamed by that cunt's twaddle. Arsehole.


Ooo - spite. I like spite.


I think Bollocksboy comes from what you'd call a gene puddle HB.

Lets hope it evaporates quickly.


I'm picturing a nature fillum with a wildebeestie stuck in the mud of a dwindling waterhole and a bunch of circling lions, the odd hyena, some hovering vultures and a couple of crocs lurking in the deeper water.

Call Davey Att.


It's a lovely picture too. I love it when we're thinking the same thing Tony.

Makes me feel funny in the pants.


Funny pants.


Are they yours Tony?

*self lubricates*

Republic of Mancunia

oooooopppppppppsssssss sorry, but if you are refering to the hint of race, then let me in form your good persons that while I have been on this site i have seen reference to paki's curry bashers, negros, abo's ect.
If its with relation to New Orleans then I suggest you go to another thread where the bile was extreme on this site.
If it's because I am trying to have banter with Aussies then fucking tough numb-nuts

Ahem I rest my case

p.s my wife is half black,my kids are slightly darker than the average children,so I can hardly be called a racist, she found the joke, yes in bad taste but witty and in reply called me a white piece of shit.

Republic of Mancunia

One last thing!!!!!
Seeing as you are all mostly Austrailian of are brits that ahave pissed off over there(lucky bastards) then if we go back in history, with Brits emigrating, and al that prisoner stuff and used DNA testing I reckon you might find we are from a fairly similar gene-pool.
Anyway off to work now,in the rain,to pay my goverment 25% of what I earn. Are you sure John Howard can't have a word with beaming blair ref immagration as the eastern euro are coming in there thousands over here,thus contaminating our shared gene-pool

Republic of Mancunia

I like being a wild beetle, but you lot lions, I don't think so, we have three lions, you have a kangaroo nuff said


Your wife sounds very astute Bollocksboy, you should try to hang onto her.


Christ, Vaughny! You do go on, don't you.


Brett Pee

Fer Chrissakes don't let them get one over you. Give back as much as you get big fella. Show some nuts.

1. Next time a Pom gloats just say –
"Mate, when you guys win 8 series on the trot over 16 years then come back and talk to me about it again, I may actually give a sh1t then."

There's no point in congratulating them or agreeing with them. They, personally, didn’t win jack. I always used to find it odd when Poms would congratulate me when an Australian sportsman or team won the cricket, tennis, and Olympic event and/or rugby. I used to respond by saying "It wasn’t me who won it.". It’s a penile discontent, ego thingy for them, they take it personally – 1000 times stronger than anything you’ll find here...

2. If they talk about sore losers then remind them that it is their nation who has made a pastime out of bashing and killing opposition sports fans. The families of 38 dead Juventus fans at Heysel can attest to that. (On a personal note, I will never support England in football again; they can get rooted. Pathetic losers.)

3. Make the point that they scraped a win at home. Hammer it home to them that if they cannot win at home against a team suffering a sudden and monumental form crisis and a series of severe brain explosions by our skipper, they'll never win and we may as well not have had a contest. Don’t bother mentioning umpiring, tour schedule or pitch doctoring. All of those points are valid but will justify point 2 in their tiny minds.

4. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Don't let them rewrite history like they did following the RUWC. If you talk to a Pom about that win, you’d think they'd put a ton on the Wallabies. There wasn't enough counter-banter. We were too nice because we felt sorry for them. Poms have a voracious appetite for opportunities to rub it in. There's no point in being pleasantly agreeable; they'll lap it up and demand more. Appeasers always suffer. Think Munich 1938.

5. Bamboozle them with stats and knowledge about how close it was. 2 runs FFS! Concentrate on Bell & G.Jones. Remind them that the last time they won they needed two South African imports, Alan Lamb and Robin Smith, and nothing has changed with Strauss & Peitersen. They don’t know bugger all about sport – any sport. Make them realise it. Funnily enough that includes poofball – I recall a report on the BBC a few years back where only 25% of fans interviewed leaving White Hart Lane could accurately describe the offside rule.

Above all, make it more painful for them to try to get one over you than it's worth. It's worked around here in Brisbane. The resident Poms don't bother trying anymore.


100% Murph. Not enough has been said about the gay pride circle of trust going on between Vaughan, Debbie and that Kiwi retard thingamy. Rumour has it that daisy chains were all the go and that Billy Boy (as Debbie calls it) loves the reach around whilst simultaneously being siphoned.

Let Vaughan's Bollocks speak for all poms. Blair rules Engerland not for nothing. A thimplithtic lithp and toleweance ov over culthews.

We saved the Brits in WWII displaying the most precise and disciplined aerial bombardment in history over Dresden. We suffered at Changi as a result of British incompetance and had to fall back on American self interest as our deterrant. Never again. The British are the most evil coniving pseudo race to ever inhabit this earth. They are a disease that infects all cultures. They morph into Saffas and Aussies, Kiwis and Pakis, they are everywhere they are nowhere.

In 18 months this infection will be inoculated.

Republic of Mancunia

Wow touched a nerve, as for following english football team I could'nt agree with you guys more, what a bunch of neo-nazi thugs who go on about 'no black in the union jack' bolocks. They sing die die brooklyn fucking die(Beckhams son) at club level and then cheer him at international level. When you enquire why this is the classic line comes into play 'well, it's ingerland innit!!!! As for Juventus fans ,tragedy yes, don't tar Manchester United with that brush, yes we have had a chequered past in terms of violence but take note, that when english clubs were allowed to play in europe again Manchester United were praised for their behaviour in that first season and all seasons after.
In terms of your sporting achievments,well you contradicted yourselves, one minute we should be beating you at home, as you have put it down to loss of form, the next you refer to RUWC when we quite clearly beat you in your backyard.
Look I thought you guys had handled defeat with a bit of grace,as your team most certainly did, but I have to say the crap that is mentioned above, well it is crap,
WW1 and WW2 well your boys did perform,but I also think millions of brits might be a tad insulted when blaming us for incompetance and all in all were we not on the same side. If it helps public relations I personally apologise on behalf of a nation, can peewee apologise for insulting British servicemen and women with his comments made above.

At the end of the day you got beat in a test series that is played between two nations, for a little urn in a game called cricket, what the fuck does that have to do with WW1,WW2 Heysel,the offside rule and blairs lisp I do not know. Paki is also considered a racial word in this part of the world so does that make me think you are scum,no as I try to understand your culture
As for the offside rule,in footie, well get the salt pot and pretend he is the last defender,no the pepper pot is the attacker and the viinegar is the keeper, the tomato sauce is the attacking midfielder who once he plays a pass and it crosses the halfway line,if the pepper is between the salt and the vinegar he is offside(ie the last man) if he has the salt pot between him and the vinegar then he is on-side. See so I do know the offside rule Ha

Brett Pee

Murph- i was just gonna call 'em wankers !! But i observed your post and took notes.

Republic of Mancunia

Brett, I'm a wanker,I'm a wanker
And it does me good like it bloody well should
I'm a Wanker I'm a wanker
Coz I always pulling my pud
Thankyou mrs pam
and your five lovely daughters
thankyou for having me and being oh so kind
Coz I've got pains in my knees and my dong is getting shorter
I really out of breath and I think I'm going blind


I picked up this natty little t-shirt in Trafalgar Square.

Republic of Mancunia

Quality, but then again we are just stupid wankers who have not got a clue about sport and are not allowed to celebrate a fine win without the Aussies getting all shite with us, apparantley everytime England get beat we go on a rampage, if that was the case there would have been a lot of twatted aussies over the years.


One of the chaps I was drinking with was an Aussie, and he took it all in fine humour (he let me off with a soft bottling and a few gentle slaps)


Beautifully put, Murph and Pat.

Ed, is the dye starting to run yet?


No, but I've developed a nasty rash.

Republic of Mancunia

Are you sure thats the dye Ed?
Are you sure thats your head, ed????????


-- "Spotted dick, sir"

-- "No, it's only a rash."

brett pee

Bring on The Swans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GF is going to be a classic Tony. Are you sure about that Theatre ticket mate ? Better entertainment elsewhere !!!!!!!!!


Not interested, Brett. Spent this afternoon in JB Hi-Fi looking for good operas.

Between now and next Sat-Dee I'll be swatting up on my ballet terms. Pointe work, grand pas de deux and Peter's Wolf.

One, two, kick. One, two, kick. All class, me.

Brett Pee

Come on mate, surely you are having us all on. As an AFL afficianado you will be glued to your set. Every sporting Aussie will have at least half an eye on it.

There's a ballet with SWAN in it isn't there ? Or Swans. Let's fervently hope we will snap their necks.

Only our poor melbourne form will count against us.

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