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Pedro the Ignorant

"Cricket is THE game."

Well said, Sir.
A voice of civility amongst the howling barbarians (and the "Barmy Army")


The Barmy Army are much better when they come here; must be the better bred versions. Now it looks like they've let in the soccer hooligans.


I think that invaribly the match was decided by both captains to a huge extent. Not only their deeds with the bat but more so their struggling captaincy. Seems to me that Ponting didn't know how to lead his team when it is in trouble and Vaughan didn't know how to lead his team when they were well on top.

Punter generally expected his bowlers to make the breakthroughs and get the wickets like they always do, but when it didn't happen, his plan B was pretty poor. As too was Vaughan when it came to his field placings. If you have a side on a 5th day pitch chasing in excess of 400 and already 1/30, you would think about having 4 slips and two gullys, a bloke in close and maybe a fine leg and midwicket. (or any variation as such) But to stagger slips like that, and basically ring the field shows Tony's point (no.7) beautifully. They hoped to get wickets instead of expecting to take them. Even though they got within 50, the chase was never on.

P.S - Good to hear Deano back to his old tricks last night. He basically proclaimed the Aussies home and hosed around lunch, but got off them quicker than... well insert appropriate analogy here.


Too late in the piece, Adsy, when they had seven slips, a short leg and a short cover, but then they bowled too much shit at the body, pads and down leg. This took the slips out of play and meant the Aussies could comfortably pick and choose when to take the strike.

It strikes me that it's all very well to have plans for individual batsmen, but if the batsmen are determined not to play their dodgy shots, then you need to be able to prise them out. The England bowlers and Vaughan didn't seem to know how to go about that.

PS: 370 odd was a bloody good total on that treacherous pitch.

PPS: At least Deano doesn't go all out mozzing like Mo.

Mr Z

Bravo Tony,

Succinct, Salient and other 'S' words. And timely to boot.

I think we all need to savour this test as the last time we'll see Gillespie in the creams. I'm still not sold on Watson as a test allrounder, as his bowling to me seems harmless but I guess no more harmless than Dizzy has been. Plus, who else is in Australia is a genuine (ie not Warne) allrounder - Bevan?

And I don't think it's only Gillespie who might have a rest - Hussey is averaging over 75 for his team. And Hayden is not.

On umpiring - I've been putting the fact that I'm noticing the bad decisions down to not being used to watching the Aussies lose.


Very well said, Tony T. You should have a website.

Adam 1.0

Rubbish on offside. That's the Great Wall of China preventing the game from going to the dogs and becoming a basketball style shootout. I'd take AFL over anything but there are few finer sights in world sport than a perfectly executed through ball that splits a defence open and puts a player one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

I saw one last night in a Victorian Premier League game. Was a thing of beauty despite the shithouse level they were playing at.


A brave post Toneofcontention, but to join your field on your terms, I must proffer the following in answer to each misguided point you raised.

1. Maybe so. Pop the champagne, you were still shit for 3 and a bit days.

2. Man of the match just seems to take into account the last days play. Warne probably deserved it more. for fuck sake even Gillespie deserved it more.

3. An interesting point. I prefer the "human" aspec t of the game, but I know I'm in the minority here.

4. Brett Lee is as intimidating as a Teletubbie. Only scary in an LSD flashback.

5. Flintoff scared the shit out of your guys. He and the other bowlers bowled very well last night, which is a credit to Australia managing to hang around under difficuly and challenging circumstances.

6. I want more hate.

7. Warne got fuck all in the second innings, McGrath was a bunny, the others were mouldy old rabbit turds.

8. I can't argue with that. He has a supreme cricketing brain and should be skipper. His brief spell as ODI captain showed how bloody excellent his tactics as well as his bowling was.

9. Don't give me that Jones cost England the test crap. Rain cost England the test.

10. Lovely. I really hope that Australia take the last day stand as a positive and make no changes to their side. They were outplayed by a long way for the whole match.

11. McGrath is the man to whack.

12. What about Symonds? The nearest to a true all rounder that you have got. Very underrated.

13. So long as it doesn't rain you will go down. England still have the "momentum" from an outstanding performance. Australia cannot rest on their laurels. They have not been put under this much pressure for 10 years, barring India (mmm, didn't Gilchrist win that one, while Ponting chewed gum and fucked up?)

14. So many points in this one Tonaud:
England will be ecstatic that your batting lineup has consistently buggered up.
I take your point about Hoggard, but even he started the rot last night. Jones and Flintoff continue to bamboozle your lot with reverse swing. Harmison will break a few ribs. And Giles, despite a lot of flack is showing that a good lefty spinner can move the ball as frighteningly as much as a class leggy.

15. Fill the day in, more time for England to bat your arse off, a longer declaration, and more overs to bowl you muppets out in.

16. Well said.

And I have to say that what interests me is if England go down, what will happen in just over a year's time. Will Australia increase the gap, or are they on the way down? Is this England's best chance to win the ashes, or will they decline. It looks like a good young team on the rise, but you never know.

Either way, it was an unbelievably good match and I'm following every ball. It was tense as a cable on the golden gate bridge last night and took me an hour to get to sleep after it had finished. Fantastic.


Hey Flute...re 8.
If Warne was skipper you'd alienate the other half of the sky?
well ok - just this female cricketing fan anyway.
Great cricketing brain, not much grey matter off-field.

Yorkshire Soul

"PS: 370 odd was a bloody good total on that treacherous pitch. "

Treacherous ? You must be kidding, it was a batters dream.

Freddie isn't chucking, but he is putting the wind up your batsmen.

You were indeed saced by the rain, otherwise England would have moved on to 500+ AND had an extra half day to bowl you out.

Dirk Thruster

Get much sleep at work today Tone?
It's amusing to look at the bravado contained in the comments left by Englishpersons. I have only one thing to say; the pom's have played pretty much the entire series at the peak of their abilities, the Aussies have played most of the series like shit and yet the series is tied. I wouldn't get too cocky yet if I were a pom.


Re: flute.

Oh God. Not only is he a cunt, but a pommy cunt to boot.


Greigwatch: (on Sunday) (talking to 'Slats'): 'You're young, so can explain this modern trend to me. What's this beard all about?'

*uses 'highlighting tool', more commonly employed to describe field placings to show a small amount of fluff on Warne's chin*

I think Slater wisely ignored the senile old fool, and Greigy moved on to talk about the hanging baskets.

Russell Allen

I actually felt the fear during the whole hanging basket episode. Ian Healy would have got a Queen's pardon if he slit his throat the very moment Greig said the word 'Geranium' during one of the most tense cricket matches in living memory.

Clem Snide

The most recent exciting test series always seems like the most exciting of all time, but that is typical sporting hyperbole. Just taking Ashes Test series, 1982/3 and 1981 were rippers, and let's not forget the explosive (but a little before my time) 1974/5 series which ultimately led to World Series Cricket. Don't forget the gruelling 2nd Tied Test in India, which neither of us actually saw. Then there were the Windies tours of Australia in 1975/6 ("Kill! Kill! Kill!") and 1981/2. There's probably other great tests we never saw. I'm not denying this series may still have pipped all of the above, but we haven't seen too many tests outside of Australia or not involving Australia. What made Edgbaston special was that it was edge-of-the-seat cricket all the way through, not just at the end, sopmething that can't be said for the Old Trafford Test's first day.

And Tony Greig should stick to his old putsch reports, aerating the soil with his key and telling us the Player Comfort level.

Brett Pee

Gillespie seems to have lost it with the ball. I don't know, the blokes only 30 yrs old but he seems to have lost the necessary 'zip' to worry and dismiss top class batters. Mind you, at the moment he would have trouble removing my Park teams no.3 who averaged 112 last season. Larry Tate ? Now even I am thinking that he should be brought into the remaining couple of Tests. Mainly due to the fact that he was Shit for Durham last season and The Pommers may take him too lightly. Perhaps they dont' know how many 1st class wickets he took in our last Domestic season. Yes, he's nasty and undoubtedly quick- a new Craig McDermott anybody ???

Punter's innings outstripped Vaughns and at one time i reckoned he had half an eye on the win !! Our tail obviously do NOT want to be part of the Aussie side that lost the Ashes, and we are going to be bloody hard to beat at Trent Bridge and the Oval. BUT who is going to come in for an ailing Hayden ?

The Poms are running us too close for my comfort and i'm beginning to get restless, but at least Pietersen & GerAINT Jones are helping us out. What, about 12 missed chances between them ? Now i seriously think Jones will be asking for Keeping advice from Partik Patel !!! Only kidding. Patel leaves him in the shade- keep it up lads !!


Look, stop romanticising. The last two games have been in Birmingham and Manchester. It's hardly fucking St Tropez.


Aha! And I caught (no pun intended) you in the process of stealing my code, Mr T!


Excellent puns, good discussion this is truly the golden thread!

Mr Z

Ponting is on record as saying no batsmen will be dropped for the fourth test.

Gee, the replacements must be crap then.

Brett Pee - with Clarke and Punter batting, I think the win was on. It's a shame it didn't happen, but we didn't deserve it ... certainly would have made Flintoff even angrier.


Billy Bowden as an umpire:-
1. His eyes go in opposite directions aka Marty Feldman style.
2. He looks like Tim from "Big Bogan"; the guy who came second to some other Bogan in a mindless reality show on Monday night.
3. He looks too skinny/malnourished to stand for that long and think rationally.

PS - newbie blogger....

Far Car Nell

What about that recent-ish series in India? The one where in one game S. Waugh enforced the follow on and then some Indian bloke (Dravid?) got 270 odd in their second dig?

The five years in and around that time are just an alcoholic blur, but I remember a sport mad buddy of mine remarking that it was the best test series (evah) and I trust his judgement.

Yorkshire Soul

I love the way Billie Bowden raises his hands to indicate just how far a 6 has gone, just over the boundary gets both arms above his head, but when Freddie launched one into the building site Bowden was bouncing up and down on his toes to show a big hit.

Also, Steve Bucknor, is it true that he takes so long to decide on an out that he once dismissed a batsman in the pub after play had ended ?


Korpet Bowls is good too.


Henselite korpet bowls, I trust.

Billy Bowden would be much better served sticking to the basics and tossing away the garnish. Bloody annoying, if you ask me.

David Heidelberg

I think that Ponting's innings is the best I have seen since Lara won a test match for the Windies in the Caribbean a few years ago.

The poise and grit he showed under pressure was pure class.


" In both the second and third tests and for periods of the first, they played all over Australia but have still only managed to win just the one. And that by just two runs."

You are, of course, forgetting that our brave England heroes lost pretty much an entire day to rain. Not only would that have given us longer to make a bigger total to chase, but our batsmen wouldn't have been forced to play in such an attacking fashion. How many of the 2nd innings wickets were holing out in the deep?

I've got no beef - England have been saved by the weather countless times. But I don't think it's as unfair as you say to think England would have cruised to victory if we'd have played the full amount of overs.



It wasn't a bad match I suppose, but let's face it Australia ain't going anywhere unless they dump all that old baggage like Warne, Ponting and McGrath.

Seriously though I'd agree that Warney has a brillant cricket brain. Especially now, that as his arsenal diminishes, he's more than making up for it in sheer bloody cunning and a brillant nose for how batsmen react to him both technically and psychologically, and placing his field accordingly. Maybe they should formally create a new cricket team post - Team Tactician.

As to his off field antics, I'm reminded of that comment about FR Leavis - "A brillant brain but not much of a mind."


Haven't been able to reply a bit more often. Sorry about that, chiefs. Work, don't you know. Bloody cheek expecting me to earn my wage.

But I see you English swine are getting a bit chirpy. Remember the cautionary proverb "He who laughs first, laughs."


Billy Bowden - at least MOST of his decisions are right. A few that appeared wrong had to be slowed down just to prove how right he was! Goes to show a bit of old fashioned "benefit of the doubt" goes a long way (granted that's about all that is old fashioned about him). Better than the guess work on display from "Morgan Freeman" or worse, the Grandstanding Rudi Koertzen.


I'm inclined to agree with you there, Stu. Bowden's sin (if you could call it that) is not giving much out. But he was shocking in NZ earlier this year.

Morgan's been making howlers for ages now. In fact I thought he'd retired. Time for him to pull the pin.

Orchard, Tiffin, Koertzen, etc are all pretty bloody ordinary.

I don't say we SHOULD change to technological assistance. Just that it's getting close to the time where we COULD seriously start considering, and investigating, it's incorporation into the decision making process.

Afterall, Bowden WAS shown to have made a mistake in one of the most crucial situations in years.


I agree with Flute that Symonds is a much more effective allrounder than Watson. He's a better bat by far, and his bowling is quite useful and versatile, which you can't really say for Watson. Has he ever got a wicket for Australia in either form of the game?


Out of the two potential all-rounders, I mentioned Watson only because I don't believe Symonds will get a look-in.

After his last effort the Queenslander seems to have been stamped Use Only In Emergency. Watson, on the other hand, will be given every chance.

If I was a selector picking an all-rounder, Symonds would be picked. But I'm not; so he won't.

Far Car

Brad Hogg.

Greatest. All-roundah. Evah.


Of course he is.

Mr Z

Shane Watson.

Second. Best. All-roundah. Evah.

The Best?

All the others are tied.


Even Graeme Beard?

What about Andrew Saballus? People who play just ONE Shield match are great, too. Just in a different way.

Far Car

Murray Bennett.

Equal. Second. Best. All-roundah. Evah.

Brett Pee

The clamour now is for Tait. Apparently he's been messing up a few Pommie batters and drawing blood. That's good. Cos the only thing that Gillespie should be drawing is his Pension.

Far Car

Am i the only bloke who doesn't rate Shaun Tait?


Well spotted, Far.


MICHAEL Kasprowicz has been heartily endorsed to add balance to Australia's bowling for the fourth Test after he and Shaun Tait provided the selectors with another vexing decision as they shape the attack charged with breaking the Ashes deadlock at Trent Bridge.

Opening batsman Justin Langer, who captained the Australians in the drawn tour match against Northamptonshire at the weekend, strongly hinted at the value of Kasprowicz's ability to build pressure, bowl awkward angles, and offset the express pace of Brett Lee.

While full of praise for the raw and uncapped Tait, Langer warned against being seduced by the South Australian tearaway's pace and potential to scare batsmen with his swinging yorkers and dangerous bouncers.

Brett Pee

Tait is practically baying for Pommie blood. AND some of Justin Langers by the sound of it. Hit him flush in the balls in an intense net session. Looks like the bloke has forgotten his Durham nightmare and is raring to go. Just imagine- Lee and Tait in full flight. Could remind those who remember of Lillee & Thommo ??

I reckon the Poms are feeling more pressure then us. While it is 1-1 we still hold the cards. I hope.

Far Car

Yeah, Lee was looking bloody fast in the last test.

I'd actually thought he lost his pace last Oz summer. Happens to all fast bowlers, right? But gawd, it must have been injuries or something because the man is absolutely scary at the moment.

When was the last time Lillee and Thommo were both fully fit and in the same team? More than 30 years ago?

Far Car

"Justin Langer… strongly hinted at the value of Kasprowicz's ability to build pressure, bowl awkward angles, and offset the express pace of Brett Lee.

While full of praise for the raw and uncapped Tait, Langer warned against being seduced by the South Australian tearaway's pace and potential to scare batsmen with his swinging yorkers and dangerous bouncers."

Ha ha. That'll learn him!!!


I remember that song knocked out by my mate Mike McClennan,'Come On Aussie Come On'. Well I reckon they have, its the worst bleeding period of OZ test crickit. Did Steve Waugh have a similar problem, he always had that red rag dangling from his trousers pocket?


The Oval Surrey 20-24 Aug 1938, Eng 903-7 dec, Aus 201 & 123 Aus lost by an inns and 579 runs.
That was their worst 5 day bleeding period ever, 'Come on Aussie', What a joke.


Tony T, I being an English person of Quality I seldom use derogotary words about my Aussie associates, I detest the word pom as few if any know its meaning, but for you; you old couch sporting critic, I hope this one sticks to you like poo to a doona, BLUDGERYGALAH.


Well, it doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, trips and tumbles off more like, but it fits.


Boynton. So now you are a cricket anylist, and a lousy one at that,'Come on Aussie Come on' certainly applies to your gender cricketers who lost the plot against a far superior side,the English gentle ladies, mind you some of those muscular thelespians in your Ladies(ha ha)side would make ideal replacements for losers like Hayden Ponting Dizzy in fact the fucking lot, I suggest you stick to dogs jumping off of bridges, and "Ahoy There" crap. ex JLS. BTW 'G S'

Murphy. Your non constructive foulmouth in action again, why are you such an arsehole, if you are a mick which seems likely, 100 H M's for you 'Jellyhead'

BTW FLUTE Is The King Of Blog, all hail to the King.


Boynton. So now you are a cricket anylist, and a lousy one at that,'Come on Aussie Come on' certainly applies to your gender cricketers who lost the plot against a far superior side,the English gentle ladies, mind you some of those muscular thelespians in your Ladies(ha ha)side would make ideal replacements for losers like Hayden Ponting Dizzy in fact the fucking lot, I suggest you stick to dogs jumping off of bridges, and "Ahoy There" crap. ex JLS. BTW 'G S'

Murphy. Your non constructive foulmouth in action again, why are you such an arsehole, if you are a mick which seems likely, 100 H M's for you 'Jellyhead'

BTW FLUTE Is The King Of Blog, all hail to the King.

Vaughnys swingers

Best thing to come out of Austrailia this summer apart from the plane home?
Warney? Maybe for his bedroom antics(cult hero for English,bloody pain in the arse to)
Gillespie? HA HA HA HA HA
Brett Lee? Contender as his battle with Freddie his great theater( can't beat watching an Aussie get battered by an englishman)
No it was none of the above....It was Jets warm up gig in Nottingham
Roll on the Oval


I haven't rolled on an oval since primary school.


I don't think Mr Swingers has heard of mozzing, Carna.


Heh. I just consulted Google on "mozzing", and half the links on the first page point to your comments. You made that word up, didn't you?


No, it is an old word. Can't remember what we called it when I lived in WA.

No matter; I am a Mozz Sauvant.

Vaughnys swingers

You got me tony!!!!!!
Fair Dinkum!!!!!!!

Vaughnys swingers

Forgot to ask....What is mozzing, is it an ablity I can achieve????

Vaughnys swingers

Got it!!!! Your basically calling me a cocky bastard,but come on Tony when have us english had the chance to be cocky bastards to you Aussies(Rugby world cup final apart,which again was shortlived)paticulary at cricket, I am just getting my dig in now and fully expect a right load of shit if england fail,but we do have a chance!!!
I will lay my cards on the table,I expect your boys to come out fighting and there can be nothing more scary than facing a wounded Mcgrath or Brett,especially as England can relied upon to fuck all their good work up on regular basis,and believe me the english media are building it up saying we need the bulldog spirit and spirit of Dunkirk bollocks,when if we lose the team will be labelled chokers,thus adding to the pressure on the team,they do have a big heart though but are still one world class bowler and one world class batsmen away from getting anywhere near the last Austraiian side to tour over here.
The fact is despite putting ourselves in great posistion in the first test we bottled it, and then despite dominating the last three tests, we have done our best to gift you guys victory, I have a fear that this may suggest England have problem in terms of bottle and the Oval is make or break for them, Win and they can go on a develop into a very good test side, lose and its back to the drawing board.
I still think Jet are a very good band though
Heres to Thursday and lets hope it is as entertaining as the other 4 (hopefully with the right result)


Not quite, Vaughny. to Mozz is to put a spell on something.

You do it when you talk up something one way and thus guarantee that the opposite happens. Like your English press talking up victory and the ECB booking Trafalgar Square for a victory parade.

Vaughnys swingers

Dont mention the Footie either(or do you boys down under call it soccer)
The English press are to be blunt, and please feel free to quote me on this (bar The Times) a bunch of wankers. If England fail the will be slated and they don't really deserve that, and while it maybe time to sit down and reflect what we have to do to beat you guys, the boys do not deserve that.
As for the ECB where has this rumour come from, heard diddly squat this end, if they have then they are mozzing or in english 'tempting fate'.
Also if they have booked this alledged victory parade what a shite venue, cockneys hate cricket, you would get full of pigeon shite, and it would be full of hangars on who did not know who Flintoff was in June.
Do it in the capital of sport (in Britain anyway) Manchester, march down Deansgate, into Walkabout bar, drink a Fosters, rag my mate Merv,raise a glass to Punter,Gypo and the boys, the local slags can shed a tear because this could possibly be the last time Warney is over(Blinkin Legend)say a prayer for Justin and Matt,sing a rousing rendition of two little boys by Rolf(for the younger ones if we are not hip enough we could sing Look what you've done by Jet),ring Russel Crowe and laugh like fuck,pull Jason Donavon away from is marching powder and then drink,drink,drink into a bloody awful stupour anfd be merry.
Or alternativly if the result goes the other way,go to the local,drink to ease the pain, and raise a glass to a briliant series,safe in the knowledge that yet again you guys down under could not be beat over five tests (if only it had not of rained at Old Trafford on Saturday, Godyou must be an Aussie)


The ECB and their heavy duty mozz, Vaughny.

The ECB has provisionally booked Trafalgar Square for next Tuesday, the most obvious venue for parading the winning team.

Vaughnys swingers

Very heavy mozzing indeed,fancy letting that info leak, talk about extra pressure, but then I suppose if you strive to be the best then you have to handle it.
As regards to London, pratical ok, but pigeon shite stains and worse still, I can honestly say I would rather be in a boozer with all you lads if Austrailia won than a place rammed with cockneys and all that jellied eeles bollocks. There must be a really annoying city in Oz,if so multiply your hatred of that city and times it by 10 and you have my feeling towards London,50 for Wales,100 for Liverpool,while your thinking about it say hello to my sister in Queensland and it's costing me a fortune in phone bills and the tight cow never rings me back,also ask as she never heard of e-mail.


There's no city here I particularly dislike except for Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin. You wouldn't want to go to any of them. Full of clowns, they are.

I've spent much time in most and can safely say Melbourne is the best, by a long way. No doubt every Aussie who reads this will agree.

Still, Australia is a small place -- we could probably only fit in about thirty UKs -- and if I bump into your sister down at the shops as I am bound to do I'll tell her hello and suggest she call you. "Ring home urgently, Vaughny's sister," I'll say. "Your brother is moving to Liverpool" That ought to get her on the blower quick stix.


Vaughgrys swingers ? or above comment.
You sport must be a typical Oz shithead tailgating 'P' Plate fucking bone head; to put up with hating London Wales and Liverpool that much. Still I'm not surprised, you being a slow talking banana bender from Joh bonkers banana land way out beyond the black stump.
Your skin and blister is probably bonking her brains out during your abscence and doesn't have time between bonks to answer your fucking whineing phone calls, Er Males seem more important than E mails.


Well, Vesty, could be I'm getting this all wrong, but surely Vaughny lives in the UK (Manchester, is it? Hope he doesn't follow fucking United!) and not here in Straya.

As for his getting stuck into our cricket boys and English cities, well, I always enjoy good natured sledging.

There's no need for you to slag off his sister, either.

But as usual whenever heated disputes look set to arise here at the AGB I take my customarily mature approach ....

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Vaughnys swingers

Outside now vesty you fucking prick!!!!!!!
I live in Manchester correct,my sister lives in Oz, and she probably is bonking her brains out but with some one who can actually get it up and not some fucking sad excuse for a man who is probably only on this site coz he's been kicked out of all the Arse-anchor,shit-shoveller,knob jockey chat rooms that he has aquinted himself with over the last few years.Keep on wanking vesty and leave the real shagging to Warney ooopppsss me. Oh and feel free to talk about the cricket. One last point,don't get me started on the Jocks,geordies,brummies,makems,inbreds you fucking arse wipe.
Thats of me chest now back to business,your boys have started well and as my old mate sir Alex Ferguson says 'it's squeeky bum time', yes I do support Man United (talk about sporting opposites) Bit of a sporting day in Manchester today and here is a little story,one of the best things I saw was Liam Gallagher twat that Aussie, not because he twatted an Ozzie but as in what has become the norm for Man City fans he ran and hid behind his minder. Yes Tony spread the word today in Manchester it is derby day,Man United V Man City at Old Trafford,so one eye on the footie and one ear to the radio as I will be there. Man City fans are fantastic,proffesional,A1,firstclass mozzers,honestly it has to be heard to be believed and in my circle of mates 1/2 reds and 1/2 blues we spent last night(Friday) coming up with quality examples of mozzing for about two hours, the pissed we got the wilder the mozzing became

Vaughnys swingers

P.S Its 32 UK's (13 Englands, 4 scotlands, 2 Northern Irelands, and 1/2 a Wales to be prescise)

Brett Pee

You still cannot beat Perth though.


I don't recall using the word sister, but do recall vaughny calling his sister a Cow.
With duo Nationality and two passports Brit & Oz, my side may occasionly draw but never lose.
Vest; Ex Londoner-ex Brit Navy pens retired,plus a successful self funded Oz retiree.I live a comfortable idle life on the beautiful cent/coast NSW Oz, my main interests are fishing, sex, and pissing up, but not necessarily in that order.
BTW I do not like jellied Eels, or Manchester tarts, must go now my V pill is beginning to work.


As I write Hayden has just been given out after three dropped catches and nine Lbw appeals, should have been born a Tom Cat, Lucky Ozzies.


Vaughny. I have bonked more women than John Leonard Spencer, I'm on about ten a week, I am so glad that I got up your pommie loser nose. Ireland for the cup, Have you ever considered euthanasia ? it might solve your problems and bring relief to those around you, BTW are you gay, you appear to have many incurable problems. I suggest you consult your friendly health professional.


Vaughny. I have bonked more women than John Leonard Spencer, I'm on about ten a week, I am so glad that I got up your pommie loser nose. Ireland for the cup, Have you ever considered euthanasia ? it might solve your problems and bring relief to those around you, BTW are you gay, you appear to have many incurable problems. I suggest you consult your friendly health professional.

Vaughnys swingers

Wow, you know what they say about the Navy, all those months out at sea, not a lot to do, all those sweaty men, whats a man to do hey Vesty.
As for calling my older and more attractive sibling a cow, if it concerns you that much I will ring her and apologise, but don't be suprised when she calls me a soft twat and tells me to rack off.
Being a Manchester tart, well we can't all be nails like Ronnie and reggie, London was a better place in them days, looked after the old, lovely boys just misunderstood.
Decide what camp your in you mongrel, are you oz or are you english, tell you what do both nations a favour and emigrate to Papau New Guinee as they are still eating each other and it may help you to satisfy yor neanderthal urges.
I have shagged more women than John Holmes.
I now suggest we quit this petty squabble and for once show the Aussies a bit of respect and talk about the cricket and not english regional barneys as we have sites for that in England to.
As I am writing this Glass Back is making is way make to the pavillion


I have shagged more women than John Holmes.

Jeez, that is grim, Vaughny. Does that mean you never get hard and are going to die from drugs?

Vaughnys swingers

Jesus is my missus on this site, whats she been saying, the hussy.
Bad light stopped play Tony T, so me and me mate are watching Bothams Ashes,just out on DVD.
Richy Benoit coming out with the classic line "He's hit that one into the confectionary stand and back out again"
Whats going on with your lot,Freddie and Hoggy have put you to the sword,did you here the roar when Billy led the teams off. Never mind Tony me old mate, 2006/2007 only 15 months away


Vaughny, did you know that there were two first class cricketers in the 30-40's era, brothers Les & Denis Compton, they would not allow them to join the Navy during WW2, so they consoled them selves by singing "Kiss me goodnight Sergeant Major" Incidently they both played for the Middle Sex cricket team and Arse anal footy club.
Most sportsmen seem to me to be latent deviates; all that spontaneous kissing and hugging, recently I actually saw a 20 stone Thugby league player on the telly after scoring; being kissed and having his face licked, both Aussie's of course,Yuk!! on seeing this I am proud to be British.


15 months? We'll be wanting them back by then, Vaughny.

Vaughnys swingers

Whats the world coming to het vesty!!! Would you want to kiss Jonno, no me neither and knowing my luck if I were still playing football I would have Peter Beardsley, Ian Dowie on my team(for the information of our Oz cousins Beardsley was nicknamed Quasi and Dowie was nicknamed Censored)
As for you Tony, well the fat lady aint singing yet but I am sure I can here her humming (or is that just our maud in the kitchen)
I write this as I am going to work but I almost guarentee england will struggle over the finishing line


Naa. England home in a canter.

Vaughnys swingers

Told you.Thank god for KP (or maybe just thank S Africa)


What a fucking ordinary batsman! It's been a long time since I've seen a worse century.

By the way, Vaughny, check out this thread. It's more up-to-date.


Tony. My roots in England are still alive, despite my love for my adopted country OZ, who sadly ran out of steam last night.
Good stuff all round, the slightly better side won the series.
On the same ground in 1938 OZ lost to Eng by an inns and 579 runs, the news report on the result was hidden in the centre pages of the Sydney Herald, between a hair loss advert and another advert offering a ten per cent discount on a treatment for Haemorrhoids.

Brett Pee

Tony- we bring up Pietersen and the Poms chuck back the name of Andrew Symonds. Strange folk.

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