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These rumours where brought to you courtesy of The AGB and sponsors Rough As Guts Electrics and Big Cow (for all your dairy needs).


Good that the team is fired up.
Haydos rumour I find hard to take seriously.
A top class batsman out of form, that's all.

Obviously hasn't harmed Warnie or Punter's form.


EJW's dildo.


Don't worry, Burtocci. I never believe the rumours I post. Even the true ones.

I report, you deride. That's the way I like it.


Thats just like the rumour about Gilchrist and the paternity issues with Slats. Or am I getting my cricketers mixed up. Knowing what we do now about Warney....


Apparently the exchange could be heard from the English dressing room. How far that is from the Aussie room, I do not know. Ponting was very quick to praise Warne straight after the match.


P Box
Brown Low


What *%&X#@O paternity issues?!!


It's probably a filthy brit tabloid rumour, but I hope it's true ... those blokes need to get their juices going.

All this yabber about how professional the Australian team is, has obscured a fundamental reality about Test Cricket. What's needed is not a professional approach to the game, what is needed is more Hate, Pain and Fear.

Mr Z


Zigackly! Which is why S.R. Waugh needs to be on the first plane to England and J Buchanananananan needs to be in the first car boot out of England.

Far Car

Haydos looks like a tard. Seriously. He looks like some of the semi-homeless men who frequent the deli near where I work. 'Cept he's in better nick and has a few more teeth.

Now, was it my imagination, or was Gilly and Warnie having an ongoing blue during their 1st innings partnership – the one where Warnie went on to make 90?

The stump mic was picking up a lot of annoyed "C'maarns!" To me it sounded like Gilly's voice. Gilly being annoyed that there was 2 or 3 runs to be had, but slow old Warnie couldn't be f*cked and was refusing to try for the extra run. Or maybe Warnie was trying to farm the strike?

ie. They were "hurry the f*ck up you fat lazy c*nt!" sort of "c'maarns!"

Either way, sounded like someone was pissed off out there. Didn't sound like team mates to me. Anyone else notice?


Warney can pick a fight with whoever he likes and boink as many tarts as he likes (wherever he likes). His position is safe on the team as far as I'm concerned. Until the last innings, I wouldn't have said the same about Ponting, or anyone else for that matter.

Scott Wickstein

Cheers to the Big Cow for that. Much obliged.

Far Car

Ponting also looks like a tard.

I'm not just saying that coz I reckon Haydos looks like a tard.


The channelling of Border continues.. First a Port'o'Spain-esque century to save the test, and captain grumpy to boot!


Yeah! What *%&X#@O paternity issues? What tards? What violence, hate, pain and fear?

You blokes are disgraceful rumour mongers and trouble makers. I am not impressed. Not a bit! Not even at all! A bit. Like.

Russell Allen

Two words to say to you - Rex Ona. It might not let you down like Dizzy will but it knocked Punter down a couple of rungs in my opinion.

Clem Snide

I remember an interview with Warne (on the Cricket Show, maybe?) either during or after his drugs ban. The interviewer asked Warne about rumours that certain players in the Australian team took a strong dislike to him, which Warne didn't deny. The interviewer proferred a few names including the captain, which Warne did explicitly deny. Intriguingly, though, the interviewer didn't ask about the two ardently Christian family men, Hayden and Langer, who tend to stick together, and for mine are the chief suspects. For what it's worth, in my experience there also seem to be quite a few women who, though they normally express few sentiments about cricket, are not reticent in expressing their dislike of Warne. I wonder if that explains Warne's apparently desperate womanising.

And yes, I want to see more hatred on the cricket field, like in the glory days of the 70's. None of this poncey "Are you all right, mate" when a batsman gets injured. I want to see bowlers like Lillee & Thomson who glare with venomous satisfaction when a batsman gets injured, and batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar who wrote of the West Indian fast bowlers as being "savages who belong in the jungle".


Clem, I was 'keeping a few years ago when the batsman was sconned on the chin. He fell over and started bleeding all over the pitch at which point our captain walked over and said "Clean that up, cunt!"

Some women I know also dislike Warne intensely. And I must admit that when I see him I can't help but think of him at a sleazy bogan goose. Pity about that, because I love to watch him play cricket.

Clem Snide

That's just the ticket, Tony. I hope your captain applies for John Buchanan's job after his (hopefully short) remaining tenure expires.

Brett Pee

There is nothing remotely wrong with a bit of "clearing the air" in a cricket dressing room. One of our heated and most keenly contested league game ended up with physical violence and it spilled over into BOTH dressing rooms. But when a bat was picked up even i had to object. A bat has it's place. But not wrapped around a blokes head.


The Ungentleman's Game.

Vaughnys swingers

What fun for a sad pommie b*&£rd to see you aussies rip into your team, in all seriousness though I agree with the comment that we need to see 'evil' bowlers again, a bit like freddie on brett flea.

Brett Pee

Brett Flea ?

About the only thing Vaughn is swinging at is thin air or thin edges. Punter showed him upwith his 'trundlers' !

Vaughnys swingers


Fair dinkum mate!!!!!!!!! Hows punter performing when he is'nt sulking because poor little england are using those nasty fielders to get him out!!!!!
Also heard the aussies are already making the excuses for this tour? Can you confirm because this side of the hemisphere we are a over the moon.
Another thing, tell Gleen cheers for making the 5-0 comment, all as Vaughny had to do was show Freddie,Harmy and the boys that headline and that was his teamtalk for the series.
Again back to the serious stuff, who was more suprised when punter got vaughn, did you see the faces of your lot, gobsmacked the lot of them,jesus I nearly dropped me fish and chips.

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