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Russell Allen

A-Ha! The famous English tactic of hope for the best has served them well for the last twenty years -why not carry on the tradition of Gower, Gatting, Gooch, Atherton, Hussain. Hope for 5 days of rain and propose a bowl off.


Errrrr. Actually. In fact, like. What I REALY, REALLY meant was "Fancy, the Poms serving up a batting paradise."

But I think you knew that, didn't you, Russ.

Russell Allen

Nope Tony. Rain - then a best-of-5 coin toss to decide the Ashes - it's the gentlemanly way to do it.

Russell Allen

Scrap that England - 407 all out on the end of the first day...gee whizz. Is this already shaping up to be the most lunatic Ashes series ever or what?


What's most amazing is that it should have been worse. Half the England line-up committed suicide. They should have been 3 or 4 for about 300 at stumps and set for about 700. But that's what happens when you play one-day cricket in test matches.

With the pitch still good, if Australia put their heads down they could set themselves up for a lot bigger total.

Yorkshire Soul

The pitch didn't look under prepared at all.

We all had a big laugh when McGrath stood on a cricket ball before play, but I actually hope it's just a sprain rather than a serious injury, he's had problems with the same ankle before hasn't he ?


Agreed, Mike. The pitch looked overprepared, if anything. So much for all those horror stories in the press.

It was the other ankle. I hope he's OK, because without him you blokes are a very good chance to win the Ashes back. Our bowling is pedestrian without McGrath and Warne. At least there's still Warne.

Brett Pee

Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! the Poms are currently 124 ahead after bowling us out for 308. Langer played bloody well. But Shane has offered up a glimmer of hope by getting Lord Brockett out again. Tomorrow will be bloody interesting- i reckon on Warnie conjuring up a 6-50 and us chasing less than 300. 2-0 up and there is no way back for the auld enemy. My buttocks are clenching in anticipation.


6-50?!? Warnie will need 6 for 5 if we are to be a chance.

Russell Allen

Two things can happen - Harmison and Jones could bat 4&5 since they both hit Lee for sixes in the first inning


England could score another 400 in a day leaving Australia chasing 500 with two days left and they achieve that with 2 sessions to spare.


To be fair, Harmison's six was a top edge.

Without McGrath, I don't see how Australia can stop England scoring at least 200. That would leave 300. More likely they will score about 300 and that would leave your 400, Russ. Ungettable on what this pitch will become late in the match.

England to win comfortably.

Russell Allen

With the way these two teams are playing crystal balls are null and void...


Very true. We should get rid of one-day cricket. It's been absorbed into the tests and has become redundant.

Brett Pee

I'm still having dreams about Warnies Magic ball to Strauss, 2nd knock that is. What do you reckon- the Gatting ball to a left hander ? Bowled him behind his legs as he stood dumbfounded- what a picture. I have been trying all my career to perfect a delivery such as that and i'm still waiting.

Tony, i'm still pretty optimistic. The Poms are VERY liable to collapse against us, Pigeon or no Pigeon. He may have flown the coop but to me Warnie holds the key- a golden one that is- in the palms of his magical hands. Oh..... and Kaspo and Dizzy might do something useful as well. Pietersen & his buddy Flintoff will struggle to repeat the 1st innings heroics so will Michael Vaughn step up to the plate and play a Skippers knock ? I doubt it.

Brett Pee

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! It's a Pom procession. Trescothick, Vaughn, Hoggard, Pietersen ( unlucky, not out ) Bell. Tony- you were slightly premature in your judgement mate. Keep the faith and our boys will do it when it matters most. The Poms crumble under pressure, but, boy, do we care ?

Now here is to 2-0 up !!!!


Pietersen should have been out first ball. As Deano said "What goes around comes around" - poetic justice.

Brett Pee


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