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Anyway, we let 'em win just to inject a bit of life back into international cricket. Maybe the whole team had been out pissing it up with Andy till 4am?


"Anyway, we let 'em win just to inject a bit of life back into international cricket."



Henman loses, Aussies win. All is right in the world again!


Was it the Hoff in disguise that saved us??


You may boast away all you wish. My feathers are unruffled, the summer is yet young.

Though, in fairness, you probably are going to beat us again and again. Still, we won a couple, and that's a triumph.

Russell Allen

The ACU rock with their brand of tough love. I very much like the 'two match ban' placed on Symonds after his Boon-esque tomfoolery. Probably will be served during the ING Cup or during some exhibtion matches in the US.

B.S. Fairman

But we still we lost to Bangladesh. It will take at least two more world cups to make up for that.


Swearing? On this site? The world's coming to an end.


Nick: Tick. Although the Poms seem to have discovered some new bloke.

Adsy: Indubitably. The great man to the rescue.

Steve: You're better than you've been for years. It will be close. The key will be; can England grasp THOSE moments? You know, when Australia is in a bit of trouble (as it generally is of late), can England press home the issue? I reckon there's a good chance that, this time, they can. Of course, I hope not.

Russ: Au contraire. He's already served it. Against the Bangers and the Engers last weekend.

BS: True. That beating will take some beating.

Anne: Désolé. Just effing slipped out.

Scott Wickstein

These day/night fixtures are playing hell with my body-clock.

The English media have done one of the faster 180 point turns we've seen. Even the ALP under Latham were steadier then this.


Check out this beauty from The Mirror, Wicky. I wonder what "chuntered" means.


GHOSTBUSTER Darren Gough taunted Shane Watson for being a big ghoul's blouse as England tried to give the Aussies more sleepless nights ahead of the Ashes.

Joker Gough poked fun at all-rounder Watson for being spooked by tales of a ghost roaming the corridors of Australia's 700-year-old hotel.

The Dazzler, fielding his own bowling, mockingly raised both arms, as if he were a ghost, under non-striker Watson's nose in a hilarious game of trick or treat.

But Watson, allegedly so rattled by tales of aristocrat Lily Lumley's 14th century murder at Lumley Castle that he fled his room in the middle of the night and slept on team-mate Brett Lee's floor, didn't see the funny side.

He chuntered under his helmet as Gough went back to his mark chuckling in the knowledge that it wasn't only the blinds in Watson's room that had been rattled.

Five years ago at Old Trafford, Gough startled West Indian batsman Ridley Jacobs by pulling a face in delivery stride - later christened Dazza does the Haka - and his sense of humour remains undiminished.

Although Australia recovered from a mid-innings wobble to reach 266-5, this will always be remembered as the one-day international where the World Cup holders went from fair dinkum to scare dinkum.

On a slow pitch, England's bowling was more Boris Johnson than Boris Karloff, and England and Wales Cricket Board officials declined to decorate the occasion by including snippets from Monster Mash among the musical jingles between overs.


Not bloody sport again. When are you going to post about the only worthwhile thing in Australia, the platypus?


Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

The platypus: a venomous, egg-laying, duck-billed mammal.

On reflection, it should have a blog all to itself.


I liked the dash, verve and skill with which Australia dealt with Gough.


Junk runs, Ed. A little late-night theatre for the C-L-S locals.

Good to see the old boy have a bit of fun.

Brett Pee

The Aussie Juggernaut is up and running again. Mate, i fail to understand the earlier pessimistic commenting and general attacks by certain sections of our media. Have they ever heard of ACCLIMATISATION and all of it's effects ? The Pom top order is being sorted out well ahead of the TESTS, which, by the way, begin on July 21. LEE in for Kaspo for the first Test ? A few months ago that would NEVER have been discussed, now surely it's time to give our best one day bowler a crack at weak Pommie Limbs. I still maintain we are a couple of levels above them and stand by that comment. Bring 'em on !!!!!!!!!!

Russell Allen

I always thought chuntering was bitching about something whereas chundering means spewing. I don't recall seeing Watson have a quick chunk blow so I guess its the former.


A "quick chunk blow" is how I would describe Watson's bowling. "Chuntering" would describe his batting. Not sure about his fielding; haven't seen him do anything yet.

Scott Wickstein

Its in the "Mirror" so it must be true....


The Mirror is a strange paper, but at least it's funny.

"a big ghoul's blouse"

"England's bowling was more Boris Johnson than Boris Karloff"

Gotta like those ones.

Brett Pee

Dare i suggest that the Pommie papers are turning against their team already ?? One defeat and they begin putting the boot in on the poor bastards. What must it be like to live in a country where the media kick a side when they lose and continually get on their backs ? Of course we are lucky in that aspect.

Yorkshire Soul

Oh yes, our papers, especially the tabloids, are scum. They seldom build up our sporting sides and any time we lose they are strait on them as if they had single handedly destroyed our entire sense of pride and self worth.

The papers always build up unrealistic expectations of our sports teams, then if we fail to win the World cup (footy) or take the Ashes or whatever event they think we ought to win, they won't praising the hard work and lessons learned, no, they'll be sticking their knives in, finding fault with our best players and putting them down at every opportunity.

Is the Australian press different in this regard ?

Chuntering would be muttering to oneself (or anyone within earshot) about your perceived injustices.


The Aussie press do the same kind thing, but they're a lot more reserved. They don't display the same sense of humour, though.

It always puzzles me that people take the tabloids so seriously. I'm sure if the targets of the tabloid's derision started laughing at the funny headlines, etc, the tabloids wouldn't know what to do.

Brett Pee

Exactly what pages contain the sense of humour in our newspapers ? Or have they had a by-pass operation ? We need a 'paper' like the English Sun over here. Why not set one up ??


"The Truth: somebody's gotta tell it"

Brett Pee

Apparently 'The Truth' exposed tales of Cop Corruption back in the 60's. As If. You and i both know Cops are beyond bribes.


A great quote in the interview ...

"[The Truth] is injurious to the health of house servants and young girls."

Russell Allen

Gilchrist is a walking dickhead - official. Hit the ball before you walk, man!

Brett Pee

Walking is for Wimps. And Michael Douglas did NOT say that. I did. No genuine Aussie walks full stop. Shocking !!


It was a bit staggery at times, but at least the game ended up a walk in the park.

Brett Pee

The Poms are on the run. Ponting is back on form. BUT......... The main news is........ Brett Lee is back. Nuff said, really.


Lee's always better in the ODIs. I'm not getting carried away with him until he can keep it in the right spot for a long spell.

Still, though, if the Dodgers serve up Lords style pitches, and not lottery-greentops, they'll be in trouble chasing some big totals.

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