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Brett Pee

Wasn't that old Lillee thing a mere publicity stunt ? A 'revolutionary' new bat marketed by his good self to make a few extra dollars before WSC came to the fore ? I think he had orders placed for loads, but in the test Brearley complained about damage to the ball- a trifling objection.

Anyhow the old fools at the MCC are clearly running scared- and pretty soon the boundaries will be flowing from Ricky's bat over in Pomland. Wonder if i should have put bright green sickers on MY willow this season- would it have improved my batting average ?

Yorkshire Soul

I wouldn't be happy to see new equipment changing the game, it's a fantastic game as it is.

I work at a golf club and changes to modern golf clubs are ruining the professional game, players can smash the ball down the course, courses are being designed to be longer and longer for the big hitters which makes it so much harder for the club player who can't hammer a 350 yd drive.

Although I don't know enough about this bat to make an argument for or against it, I would be against ANY covering that improved the performance of the bat itself. I don't want to see the game change to one where having the right bit of kit makes a vast difference to the sport.

The most boring 'sport' on the world is also the one where having the right equipment ensures victory, and having sub standard kit means you never get a place on the winners podium, yawn inducing F1.


There's no covering on the face of the bat, Mike, it's a reinforcement up the back.

Right with you on the golf mods, too. I reckon the broomstick putter is cheating and should be outlawed immediately.

And I'm also with you on F1. Boring nonsense. Probably great fun to do, but it's pox to watch. Same for sailing.

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