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Great Idea Tone.

West Indian actors? Mmm, limited. Have to be American Negro.
Joel Garner - Shaq O'Neill
Viv Richards - Ving Rhames
Andy Roberts - Denzel Washington
Gus Logie - Gary Coleman
Larry Gomes - Steve Bushemi (stretching it)
Indian / Pakistani actors? Mmm, limited
Sunny Gavaskar - Gary Foley (he wouldn't be interested you'd think)


Can Vijay Singh act? I know Vijay Armitraj can. What about Ben Kingsley? He's Indian. Yaphet Kotto played a West Indian in Live and Let Die. And the head slave from Burn has to get a look in. I wonder if Morricone would provide a soundtrack.

Viv Ving is top V for V. And Gary Coleman just HAD to get a gig. No 1 Draft pick for sure.


Ben Kingsley of course. As the Indian coach and revive his role from Sexy Beast:

When asking Sunny to open the batting against the West Indies pace attack at full battery:

Sunny: No!
Ben: Yes!
Sunny: No!
Ben: Yes!
Sunny: No!
Ben: Fat cunt!
Sunny: No, No, No!
Ben: Yes, Yes, Yes!


Jack Thompson as Jeff Thompson
Russell Crowe as Martin Crowe
Kerry Armstrong as Kerry O'Keefe/Warwick Armstrong
Corin Redgrave as Ian Redpath
Peter Lorre as Bill Lawry
Gina Riley as Kimmy Hughes
Robert Menzies as Robert Menzies
John Howard as John Howard

also starring shirley temple as a very young boynton in the stands at VFL park.

Big Ramifications

Peter Willey as Dennis Lillee


Homer Simpson or better still his father to play Bob Simpson. Whatever happened to Simmo? Is he still playing?


Eric Bana as Lennie Pascoe, (scowl an' all)
Jason Gillespie as Dennis Lillee, (this season's headband is soooo DK!)
Sean Marsh as Geoff Marsh,
Tony Abbott as Doug Walters,
The big fat Beaurepaire bloke as Carl Rackemann,
Delta Goodrem as Kim Hughes.
Dipper Dipierdomenico as Merv Hughes

John R

Ali G as Sunil Gavaskar. "Wicked wicket, man."

Clem Snide

Michael Moore as Gus Gilmour

James Dudek

John Goodman as Greg Ritchie


This film will never get any support from Australian Film Finance Commission unless you throw in a role for Bud Tingwell and a nod to Aboriginal cricketers somewhere. Get cracking.


We need a scriptwriter. Tenders are going out as I type.

Go the whole hog Big. Peter Lillee as Dennis Lillee as Graham Dilley.

Lisa Simpson has been hired to play a young Shirley Temple who by about WSC time will be pulling out of Fort Apache to stand in the stands.

Eric Bana - Lennie Pascoe. Perfect.

Ali G has already offered to play Asif Iqbal.

Michael Moore wanted to direct but I told him it was a TRUE story and he bolted.

John Goodman as Fat Cat only gets a walk-on run-on part when Barry Richards scores a double ton. Hmm. Ton. Appropriate.

Gary Foley's aboriginal, but we need David Gulpilil to suit up in the Windies pink. And Ernie Dingo as Lawrence Rowe.

Big Ramifications

Lucky Grills as Rod Marsh?


Like it, Big. But it means we need a role for John Diedrich ...


Austin Robertson? I don't know what he looks like though.


Randy West as Garth le Reux
Ron Jeremy as Lennie Pascoe
Vijay Singh as Zaheer Abbas
Peter North as Barry Richards - great helmet
Joey Silvera as Larry Gomes
Amber and Ginger Lynn as Ian and Greg Chappell
Joanna Storm as Irving Rosenwater

Big Ramifications

Ron Moss as Imran Khan.

Big Ramifications

Billy Snedden as Martin Snedden.
Steffi Graf as Shaun Graf.
A bottle of Johnny Walker as Max Walker.
Pat Rafter as Tony Crafter.
Senator Bob Brown as Steve Randell (oh I say!)

Burty, I was thinking the dude from Hall and Oates would make a good Larry Gomes.

Harry Reems as Rod Marsh maybe?


Rowan Atkinson as Derek Randall


Any female porn star as they know how to work a bat.


Don't see Tom Byron there, Burtois. Bruce Laird?

Who's Ron Moss? And regarding Billy, who's going to play Pru Acton? Rowena Wallace? Victoria Quilter?

Rowan Atkinson as Lou Rowan?

You offering to take auditions, Batty Boy?

Webster as Rudy Webster.

Brett Pee

Just as a side issue, whatever happened to Gary Cosier ? Or, more to the point, who the hell WAS Gary Cosier ? Surely not the same Gary Cosier who repairs televisions in Subiaco is it ?


Dunno about the TVs, Brett, but Gary Cosier made a century against the Windies in 1975 at the MCG, played in the Centenary Test and then stayed with the establishment instead of going to WSC, but he had a pretty bogus batting technique and his career petered away. Played for Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Yve John

I enjoy reading through this informal place. I will surely visit you again to see if anything new appears on it.
Good luck for the future.


Danke Yve John.

Jo Crawford

Nice concept. And you'll have time to develop it if you want to pitch it to Hector Crawford's grandkids - they're 4 and 11.

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