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Richard T

I heard somewhere that England has replaced South Africa as # 2 on the world rankings. Ridiculous as it sounds.


I meant to blog that this morning. As I see it, though, The Poms are coming along nicely and we will have to be at our best to beat them next year. Anything less and they will ambush us.


this is just the traditional build-up to the Ashes, to hype the new 'competitive' England... who will then be soundly beaten about the nose, the way they like it

next champions? Holland...

they've got time to develop, the baggy greens have got their eye in


And Holland have beaten Australia too. Mind you, that was back in the days when there were Victorians in the Australian side.


Somehow, Nardo, I don't think the Aussies will feed the Poms like the Windies did last night. Be interesting to finally see if Strauss can handle PROPER test match bowling.


Oh yeah. And as for Key. He reminds me of your standard tubby park cricketer. It's no surprise he managed 160 odd against THIS particular West Indies "battery", yet has struggled against everyone else.


When? I'll bet Stumpy Laird opened the bowling.

Brett Pee

Key looks like Billy Bunter- a most rotund pie eater if ever i saw one.

Jacques Kallis over Andy Flintoff- no contest mate, no bloody contest, The Sarf Afrikaan gets the nod there, a true test match all-rounder and these days very consistent.He is a better bowler when the ball is swinging, more attacking, where Flintoff seems to bowl to contain.Not sure about Vaughan opening now- he looks set for a no.4 slot in the forseeable future.

An heir apparent to us as No.1 ? If the Indians can unearth a couple of genuine Test class quickies, then i could see them assuming the mantle.


True about Jarks, Brett. Can play.

The Indians still need to play strong away from home. Which leads to your other point, they need some heat. They boys they've got now may be OK but I have my doubts. Zaheer Khan is probably their best bet as long as he can keep his head screwed on.


Poms number two test team and kiwis number two one day team-those rankings have never been sweeter.


Must make the Sarfricans embarrassed, Mark.

Brett Pee

I still reckon sarfafrica are stronger than the Poms in most departments- got a few classy allrounders and quick blokes.


Couldn't say, Brett. It's been so long since I've seen them play that I've forgotten who's in their team.

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