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Brett Pee

Yeah...Bishen Bedi was asked who the better bowler was, Murali or Warnie. "Shane is a great bowler" he said. "What about Murali?" his questioner probed. "Let him start bowling first" said Bedi.

As long as the 'cricketer' with the most suspect action of the dodgy clutch we have at present stays unchallenged, the problem will grow. Perhaps our main summer game will undergo a name change- to Baseball.

'Muchichuckalot' is going to finish with 800 test wickets and history will record him as the 'best' of his, and many a generation. His action belongs in a Darts match down the Pub. The administrators have drawn a veil over the whole thing and Umpires betrayed by the suits. The ICC will NOT satisfy those of us who see his career as one long Circus Parade. Muchichuckalot is a Clown and thus should be paraded under a big top with the Lion Tamers.

Many observers are tired of the controversy- their view being that no matter what they say nothing will happen- some reckon his action IS legitimate and others will say nothing so as not to upset the suits thus jeopardising lucrative broadcasting deals.

His action has grown increasingly suspicious over the years, despite the ICC saying he was born 'with a permanently bent arm' and ca'nt straighten it. So what- he throws it then.

The people who we think have the integrity of the game in their hands are just not cutting it mate. So if a bloke starting out now copies the cheats action do we assume he will be stopped at once? Why not? Precedent is on his side. Cheating is officialy IN it appears. Are the administrators, suits etc just sitting back and quietly waiting for Murali's career to finish and then forget the whole thing happened? Perhaps we will all wake up and discover the whole episode was a 15 year dream, only one with 800 wickets as its crowning glory. More like a bloody nightmare.


Too right, Brett. The sadness -- and anger ... ness -- of the whole thing is that when Murali's finished his career, his unassailable record will sit there taunting all comers from now until kingdom come. A disgrace.

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