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I very much agree Tony; low-scoring Tests rock. They're pretty thin on the ground these days thanks to the bums-on-seats/tv ratings factor, which as far as I'm concerned is also responsible for this so-called "golden age of batting" that's being talked about at the moment. Flat batting tracks are supposedly by definition "good" wickets which I think is bollocks; a good wicket is one that has something in it for everyone.

And with Sri Lanka on 92/7 at the end of the first day it looks like we might even get a lead out of 120 all out; who'd've thunk it?

Brett Pee

Look mate, the Lank's have set out to 'do' us from the start with these pitches, heavily doctored to turn appreciably from ball one, BUT i suppose it's their god given right to do this. This game will finish on day 3 sometime, but the winners? Not even i can predict this one. Appocallapse now? You better believe it.

Brett Pee

Having calmed down a touch, i've been reliving the test day and am still fuming. 17 bloody wickets in one day?

But....shit..... Gunawardene's LBW surely pitched outside leg- one up for us.

Warnie caused madness and mayhem on his entry- inducing panic and errors.

But....shit...... Haydos looked LBW on about 14 or 15- very lucky indeed. Never mind.

Murali rates the pitch, saying it was a day of exceptional bowling and poor batting. He's crowing of reaching 650 wickets- and on reaching that particular landmark should be crowned with Haydo's bat wrapped around his skull. The pitch looked green tinged, freshened up by rain, as if everything else was'nt enough.


One of the best days of test cricket I've watched, couldn't agree with you more Tony.
I agree also on the more cricket between 3.30 and 10.30pm rule (though it stretched a little futher last night)
And just one note on the innings of Hayden - has to be worth 200 under normal conditions.... only problem is, I am worried about Gilchrist - he is struggling so badly with the bat, they have to try something to get him back in form.


Yeah revenge is sweet isn't it?
It looks as if the pitch has been really well prepared - for Warne and Kasper!


Murali's 500th "wicket" may be the one that finally undoes him. He celebrated by raising his arms to the sky.

Now, there were 2 views of this celebration and it appeared that his "bowling" arm was a "smidgin" straighter than when he normally delivers a cricket ball.

As a previous post include comments by Bruce Elliot regarding Murali's "doosra", why can't the ICC request now request that Murali attend an Australian hospital for an "action clearoctomy".

I believe Brett Lees bloody arm/elbow operation included a break to stop everyone else grizzling, so why can't we do it to Murali.

I reckon even Mr Howard (cricket tragic) would allow it be done under Medicare.


Too right, Carrot. I've always thought the Gabba and to a lesser degree, The SACA, to be the two best Test wickets. Lively early, a good batting strip midway and spin friendly late in the game.

Still, it was the sloppy wickets in South Africa during the World Cup that produced the best games. Maybe Test wicket preparers can take a leaf out of that book and start to serve up crap pitches. It certainly makes for tight cricket. And let's face it, there's nothing better than a tense Test Match.

I quickly dealt with the Shree tail in today's post. Pity the Aussies didn't.

Brett, there's no doubt the other teams have set out to give the Aussies difficult pitches, there's an impression we struggle on them. They believe that if the Aussies can post a large total quickly, they will eventually win because they have enough time due to their top fielding and pressure based bowling. They seem to be trying to deny the Aussies this advantage. Trouble is it backfires away from home, and sometimes works in the Aussies favour when they're away as we get to play on all sorts of wickets here. which positions us well when WE'RE away.

That said, I reckon the Aussies batted badly, so did the Shrees, because the pitch isn't bad at all. If we can post a big total over days two and three, we'll be in business.

Chris, it's like Spanky said, Gilly needs to concentrate on playing straight early. Re your other point, Vaas and Murali look to have posted the value innings of the Test so far. But the pitch is looking good so I hope the Aussies can score some healthy runs.

Jim, note my other comments. I reckon the pitch was under-prepared, as opposed to deliberately set-up. It's looking OK now though. And I bloody hate it when the opposition tail enders slog some quick runs. You should have seen me yelling at the telly. Very unseemly.

Top point about his arm, Dave. I had a good hard look at it when he raised it after his 500th. It does appear slightly bent, but nowhere near as pronounced as it does when he is bowling.

I mentioned in my post today that it's up to the umpires to refer Murali for treatment. The scene is certainly set, but it remains to be seen whether or not they have the cojones.

Brett Pee

Murali has been tamed by the end of day 2.Well, a little anyway. Pitch settling down a bit, we'll have to look for 400 + lead to feel safe, methinks. Gillers has rifled a few sweeps and drives down the throat of some of his detractors. Long may it continue.


Yep. 400. Just mentioned it above.

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