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Brett Pee

What about my previous prediction Tone? Impressed? Need i say more? But i will, seeing as i got it right almost to a T. Keep the faith mate and the act will follow. Now the worlds NO. 1 spinner is back, the series will be wrapped up and Candy coated next up! The cheat will be put firmly in his place.

Now- Was my prediction:-

(1) The product of an extensive knowledge of cricket.

(2) Bloody minded and crazy Aussie optimism, even in the face of possible defeat.

(3) A lucky guess.

Anything else i can predict for you?

Christ- they'll be talking about Elliott for a Test recall next.


A bloody good win. And I lean towards a combination of (2) and (3).

Elliott is a better batsman that Langer, but he's a head-case. Or was.


I wonder where all of Warne's comeback critics will be hiding after this one? I'm sure Atherton for one would have choked on his porridge after hearing of how well it went. But good on all the boys for a fantastic win. This is probably as close to a real "Test" match as we have had in recent times. Sure the India series was fantastic and we got rolled once but for pure batting and bowling skill surely this would take the cake?

Good on Marto as well. Been a bit of a critic of him since his poor form after the World Cup final but that was an innings of class. He showed he could grind out a big score: for a while there I thought he was going to turn out like a poor mans Junior, getting out soft all the time.

Of course Boofa and Hados did fantastically well: Boofa for his mate and good to see Hados get the MOTM for an all round display.

And now onto the Vics! One of my previous posts I did a "Brett Pee" and predicted a thumping of the banana-benders by the Bushrangers, and its turning out that way. Hookesy would be proud. As I post, Elliott was out for 155 and Hodgey out for 89. But we are still looking the goods. Like Bichel now, I think Elliott burnt his bridges years ago and would only be hoping for a Mafia style hit on Lang to get into the current side.

Hmm.... didn't Vinnie Jones say on a recent flight that he could have the crew 'done' for 3,000 pounds??

Brett Pee

Victoria 592-6 and STILL batting on. Come on guys give the other blokes a go.They are now definitley in a matchwinning position.

Brett Pee

Lokks like an innings victory perhaps for the Vics.... BUT should they have gone onto 710? I reckon 500 tops was plenty to see off the 'Landers.

Brett Pee

Long time no post Tony- Celebrating?? After all, you've waited 13 years for this one!


Ads, Brett - Vics good. Warne good. Today bad. Work busy.

Brett Pee

Yeah... you've been busy, 'toasting' Vics success with a 2 day binge, indulging more sitting in front of the Test, and perhaps fitting in some work in between?


Everything seemed to be going so well... Straya firing in Lee Shranka, Vics putting up timeless test style scores at the G and the mighty Sainters getting up in the Wizard Cup final (just)

And what happens? Straya rolled for 120 in the first dig last night, Saints players put up for assault or misconduct charges or whatever, and the Vics only winning by a couple of hundred!!

I thought the world was falling apart for a while!


Indeed yes, Brett. Sitting in front of the Test. Working hard. True. A few fill-ins lately. And toasting. Well, eating toast actually.

It VERY frustrating watching the Aussies bat as bad as they did, Ads. A massive piss-off, in fact.

Brett Pee

The "mighty" Sainters?? Hrrrrrmmmmmppppphhhhh!!

Nick Hados


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