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hehe "come-from-behind" You've finally found out the students nick-name for you. ;)

Scott Wickstein

I think there's a bit to be said in Spankies idea that Gilly should open the batting. I've thought for a while that we should be more flexible in our batting order. We have seven potent weapons, and let's not get too predictable about the way we deploy them.

Now obviosly, Gilly isn't going to be too keen opening the batting after a hard day in the field. But if we bat first, I think it's a good idea to slot him in with Haydo at the top of the order. He can get his eye in against Vaas, and then be cherry ripe to go chukka chopping when our little mate comes on.

I'm actually slightly annoyed with myself for not thinking of this first.

Brett Pee

Reading Spanky these days i do believe he's beginning to make sense!! Christ he even SOUNDS like a bona fide Aussie, all this talk of Warnie taking a 'smoko'. I don't believe that Gillies career is at a crossroads though- opening against the new cherry might just be too much for the guy, number 6 is the place for him. He is NOT Alec Stewart.


Naughty Gary.

I think his feet were glued to the crease today, Wicky. Although I've always loved low scoring games.

He makes sense, then he doesn't make sense. Either way, he gets a lot of attention here-abouts.

Brett Pee

Spankies been giving England some stick again recently.He should avert his gaze Jamaica way!! Christ- the Poms blasting Windies for 47? How did this happen. Are WE worried?

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