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Brett Pee

The tide is turning again. All the recent scathing critics of Gillers should now swallow their words. An iffy start perhaps but he's thrashed himself back into form with a sparkling ton. Was it a "punt" to promote him to 3? I thought it would'nt work today.. but...hey i can be proved wrong once in a while.

Earlier i was NOT laughing at the antics of the clown Murali. The crowd seemed highly amused.... but we'll shut them up with another 300+ lead, i can see the light again. 2-0 ?


Who's been having a go at Gilly? I don't think I've seen anyone saying too much. For one thing, he's a genius and we all knew he'd do something like this, and also his keeping is his day job.

Batting like this is the gravy! GO YOU GOOD THING!


It was great to see Gilly do so well - in a previous post (on Mar 16) I know I said I had some worries, but that it was vital for the Aussies to do something - move him up the order, do somethign different - to get him going.

Good on them for doing it - and the gamble has paid off big time. In another, somewhat strange and maybe worrying stat, would it be correct to say that one D Martyn leads the batting averages at the moment on the tour ... hmmm, interesting


The way the pitch is shaping up we'll need a lead of about 400.

Don't worry, Wicky. We all know, no one bags Gilly round here. Cough.

Don't think GIlly was ever in danger of getting flicked, Chris. Justin Langer though. No there's another kettle of kippers. Especially in light of the fact that Matthew Elliott is plainly a better batsman. Langer better hope Elliott doesn't cop a lucky break.

Brett Pee

Jeez, i hope the selecto's don't return to Matty Elliott, present form withstanding. Tony- not advocating more Vics in the squad eh? The guy must be 35 if he's a day- and there are plenty of young guns champing at the bit. Elliotts recall smacks of Pommie policy, ie only in if over 30!! No.

Brett Pee

Rain dampens day.....But Marto's patient dig could bring the final payoff. The pitch looks like flattening out and we all know the Lanks dislike a chase ( unless Ranatunga is running afer a pie van ) He was dropped a couple o times and a suspiciously overweight looking Lehmann clubbed a few. Ponting out? Pommie umpire. 'Nuff said.

Marto and the tail ( and judging from Symonds playing and missing, i'm including HIM in that ) have got to lovingly coax another ton to be sure. I don't want those bastards chasing down a total and then Murali clubbing the winning runs.

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