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And I loved Ricky Ponting's response on the matter in one of the reports on the topic today (in the Australian Newspaper I think)

"It's a delicate situation and as such it's not appropriate for me to comment any further," Ponting said.

What he really wanted to say was: "Despite the fact we have belted him around the park and belted his team 3-0, we think he's a cheat, members of our team have said he's a cheat, but unfortunately there is nothing that will be done about it until the ICC grows some balls and outlaws not just the doosra, but him completely."

And Chris Broad - is that the same Chris Broad who torched the Aussies on more than a couple of occasions as an English opening bat during the late 80s and early 90s? If so, he may almost be forgiven.


I'd love for the review panel to come out, tell the truth and say: "Your action's a disgrace. You're out for good." Sadly they won't do that.

I thought Ponting was fantastic upon receipt of the trophy last night. Far better than dour Waugh ever was. By the way, Bob Merriman was very very political in his speech.

That's the same Chris Broad who scored a bucket load out here in 1986-87. What with Craig McDermott continually angling the ball onto his pads for easy leg-side tuckage. Fuckin' nightmare. But he's also the same Chris Broad who was bolwed by a Merv Hughes leg-spinner last ball of the day at Headingly in 1989.


More interesting is why has it taken until now for anyone to do anything about it? He was throwing in the first two Tests too without report - nothing obvious has changed in the last Test. It's good to see another member of the cricket "officialdom" reporting him.

But will Darryl Hair get an apology any time soon?


Simon, I just think the clamour has become so loud lately, that Broad had no option but to report him.

I also don't think it would be feasible for Broad to cite Murali first up without a reference from the umpies. Generally it's them that put something in their match report and maybe Broad was giving them a chance to properly fulfil their obligations. However,when they didn't he had no option. The doosra is so much a chuck something simply HAD to be done.

I bet Daryl's not holding his breath for an apology. At least I hope not, he'd be dead soon.

Brett Pee

Not another bloody biomechanics report- kick him out NOW and lets get it over with.

Chris Broad you have done the game of cricket proud. You may not have scored many test runs but well done mate.I think it was the Broad-Robinson Pommie opening batsmen that put the fear of god into Aussie opening bowlers in the 80's. Not.You did not have a very broad bat chris, but keep up this present good work!!


Back when England ... deep breath ... last won the Ashes, Broad couldn't help but score runs courtesy of some pathetically generous bowling from McDermott et al. So much so it had me screaming at the telly. Not that that's a particularly rare occurence.

Snr Nubi

Chris Broad should be Knighted!! Champion of the true cricket follower.


Pity he'll never get another gig as match ref. Least ways, not when the Shrees are playing.


I think the timing has more than anything to do with Broad's call on Murali at the end of this series. The worst outcome for the ICC would be to do nothing and then all of a sudden find a headline that reads along the lines of:


But knowing the ICC I doubt that it would worry them very much. I even read today that Murali will continue to bowl his doosra whatever the outcome of this first stage of the 'process'. Everyone knows he chucks it. Its a matter of fact, a statement of truth. As I read on Yobbo's "Yobbo View" blog:

"Next week I'm expecting the ICC to comment on the hue of the sky. Early tips are that it's blue"


The most disturbing thing I read today -- can't remember where it was -- was an aricle where the players group were "concerned" with Murali perhaps taking wickets and ruining careers with illegal balls.

Brett Pee

England have won the Ashes? Not in my bloody lifetime they have'nt mate.Who else was feeding their blokes chook feed in the 80's? Holland&Bennett? Those two sound like a soliciters firm. Was'nt Roddy Hogg and Henry Lawson around then?


Not Hoggy. Lawson was.

A very painful era.

Brett Pee

I've had one of them recently. A painful era. Or is that ear. Never mind, i have delved back through the archives to unearth some pommie success against us and it seems that a certain Mike Fatting had some success against us. Christ, we must have been poor then- bowlers like De Freitas and Gladstone Small getting wickets- sounds like a nightmare.

Words getting about that the Poms are going to do us in the next ashes series. Dickie Bird reckons so- but their policy of batsman carrying on till they are nearly 40 is a big handicap. If i ever see the ashes leave these shores i reckon i'll reach for the bottle.


I rate the Poms at the moment, Brett. Next year should be a good series.

On another issue, how are the Hawks going?

Brett Pee

I've only missed one Weagles game and , christ it's depressing- enough to send a bloke down to follow the Dockers ( heresy , i know ) We lost our main man, but that's made no difference, we're light up front, in the middle and at the back. What's happening with the Dem's? Overachieving? Must be.

No, i do not rate the Poms. Spinners? Do'nt make me laugh. Pace? Inconsistent and lame on true test wickets. Middle order? Ageing bloody has beens. Openers? One does'nt move his feet, the other can't bat and skip. Keeper? He is one of our own!!


Me thinks you under-rate the dodgers. They'll play some good hard crick-it (as David Lloyd would say.)

Be interesting to see if their speed merchants can deliver. If they can put pressure on Hayden, Ponting and co, and they squeeze Gilly they'll be ok.

However, if Warne gets amongst them, I'd expect us to win.

Another key will be how well captained they are. Whether they've studied up on our batsmen in the same way the Kiwis did last time.


PS: The Hawks?

Brett Pee

Got yer wires crossed mate? Hawks ? I'm a tye dyed in the wool West Coast Eagles fan and am currently enduring the season from hell- no Gardner and a dead cert bottom 8 finish. I did say we would entertain this term, but the opposition are certainly enjoying our generous defence. Jacovitch has bowed to the sands of time and a horrendous injury run. We are now building for 2010. The Demons have surprised me this season- expected them to come good in a couple of years.

Brett Pee

UPDATE:- Have to watch the Weagles in a tinnie induced stupour- to dull the pain of more depressing & lamentable "performances" (and i use that word in the loosest possible sense of the word)

Closeish game with the Magpies i suppose- we started o.k + even finished well (for us)- but the main bit in the middle saw us stuffed and mounted. Chris Judd was our top man, and therr's always Kerr of course. Our 'defence' is becoming a standing joke- if they could even stand up that is-more bloody miskicks. Where's Phil Matera when you need him? We don't often play as a unit.

I notice that an 18 year old, Brock McLean , is over here to debut versus the hated Dockers- is he heading for the top? And are you attending yourself? This could be the Demon's season, and you will walk this game.


Yes, I know you're not a Hawks fan, but preseason I stated in no uncertain terms that the Hawks were shit. Then after the Demons were flogged by Hawthorn in round one, you cast doubt luminous prognostications and I reiterated. To whit, they were still shit. Still are.

About the Toaster, they've got a fantastic midfield, but until they get some big cattle up front, they're in trouble.

NOT this season for the Demons. We're still light on for grunt players. North exposed that to a degree, and they're only just going. Brizroy really put things in perspective last week. Still another season or two before the Dees salute.

However, we live in hope.

Brett Pee

Yeah....well i was off the mark with that one...big time. " luminous prognostications " sounds like teacher talk.

Anyhow, Hawks lost the plot completely today in another old fashioned hiding. Apparently they were trying to emulate another mass brawl from about 20 years ago, which i would'nt remember- perhaps they were better then?

Schwab remains in good spirit- but can he actually COACH? Methinks not- he's a bluster & fluster merchant. He's talking of blokes going out there and showing spirit and determination- BUT what about points??

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