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I thought they should have at least put Bichel in the test squad in the first place, even as a backup to Lee and Diz. He would have run through a brick wall if Punter asked him to, and I think he would have done better against the Lankys rather than the Curry top order. Kaspa obviously did great in the ODI's and deserved his call up though.

Doesn't really matter if he goes or not, because the mighty Vics will trample the Banana-benders in the Final. Was down in the Bushrangers rooms with the Northcote boys after they won the Vic domestic one day final on Monday, and there was a sight there that has the game half won for the Vics already....

As you walk back up the race onto the ground, as is usually customary with footy sides, there is usually a slogan or picture or something to motivate the side as they walk out. As you turn to head up the ramp there is a huge picture of the side in Hookesy's "Wrath Room", well documented in the media I would suggest, of all the boys sitting down after a win posing with a few of the sponsor's products (Carlton Midstrength, ha ha) and a beaming Hookesy in the middle. And below in big bold letters is the words:


Now if that doesn't motivate you to get out there and give it everything you have in a home Shield (stuff this Pura crap) final then I don't know what will....

Scott Wickstein

Nah, I thought Symonds was a gamble worth taking. Anyone can make a duck. Even I can do that.

I would have played Katich for Martyn, rather then Symonds; Kat's spin would have been handy, although with His Warness back, that might have been redundant. But Katich proved at Sydney that class spinners trouble him not a jot, and I'm sure he can cope with whatever Murali cares to throw his way.

Send McGrath!

Brett Pee

Christ, i reckon a National day of mourning is due with Binga Bonging home. Black arm bands all round tomorrow.Am i taking the piss? We were never going to blast them out anyway but Haydos is grinding the cheat down.

Tone- Travis to come in for Lee? No mate, no way. Send Pigeon out ( by pigeon post if necessary! ) he's fit and raring for a confrontation with those lovelly Lanks.


Gotta agree with Scott's post - I think Symonds is well worth a gamble - and it will be interesting to see if he and his medium pacers find themselves opening the bowling in the Lank's second innings given the injury to Kaspa (who bowled very well in the first innings).

Symonds seemed to gain in confidence at the bowling crease after an awful first few overs - hopefully the improvement can continue throughout the test.

Bring in Katich for Martyn? Here here.

And credit where its due, after a rotten batting performance first up, maybe the Aussies have learnt that trying to barrel along at 4 and over in Sri Lanka is only going to lead you to disaster. Grind them into the dirt I say.

The Hack

If we're lucky he'll go the way of Jason Gillespie and keep breaking down (not that I like to see Gillespie on the sidelines). Lee is a huge liability. I can't understand why the selectors insist on carrying him.

Scott Wickstein

Okay the Selectors have plumped for Tait.

Meanwhile, the Spankster must be reading AG Blog
"Of course the Australian lacks his counterpart's freakish action and prodigious spin - if Murali really can bowl his "other one" without significantly straightening his elbow then he is a truly remarkable contortionist."


It really is surprising that Tait got the nod over Bichel. Normally the selectors do everything they possibly can to stop Qld from winning the shield. They thought they had when they picked Symonds finally. Thankfully for Australia, Symonds played in the test over katich. Get rid of Martyn, send him back to the sticks and give katich a go. He isn't in Symonds league, but he's a damn site better than Martyn. But then so is pigeon with the bat.

Big Ramifications

Is Symonds a chucker?



The happiest people with this news should be people who like to see the Australian cricket team play well. Imagine how much easier they would have won over the last couple of years if they didn't have to carry that hack?

The Hack

There's nothing wrong with being a hack...

Big Ramifications

OK then I'll say it.

Symonds is a chucker.


Ads, I think Travis Bichel did the wrong thing when he gobbed off after getting dropped. It always seems to skew the selectors opinion.

So far so good on the Puras finale. 0 for 98 at lunch after Maher sent us in.

And the memory of Hookes sure motivated the Boofter. He "Got on with it". Good stuff.

I know there's a touch of 20/20 hindsight now Wicky, but I guess the selectors went for Symonds offies as opposed to the two leggies. I still would have gone for Katich.

I too thought they might have plumped for McGrath, seems they decided on a speed merchant in place of Lee. Not entirely a bad idea.

Brett, partly covered above, but there are still doubts about Pig-Eon's fitness. Better to let him have a long recovery.

Chris, I reckon you might be right about Symond's pacers. Personally, I'd like to see Ponting bowl more. He swings them a mile and can get the odd one to jump. Seems every time Tubbstoneworth Taylor gave him a trundle, he took a wicket. Worth him remembering that.

And some excellent grindment from the Aussies. Good to see them knuckle down. I see John Benaud covered that very point in his comments to the DDL cub reporter.

Hack, I reckon Dizzmondo is the best fast bowler in the world at the moment -- not that the ranks are particularly bulging with pace demons -- but he's also the unluckiest. He reminds me of Danny Morrison who used to bowl corker spells and have catches dropped and plumb LBs turned down. One season he's going to have everything go right and take about 60 wickets for rock all.

And if Lee get it together fitness wise for an extended period, he'll be good again. No one who bowls as well as he does in the ODI's can be automatically discounted in the Tests.

Wicky, so far Bichel hasn't run through the Vics -- touch wood -- here's hoping he won't have any impact. Probably get a ton.

Don't expect Spanky to come out, that's the closet ... err ... closest he's ever come to an admission of chucking. Don't expect him to admit it though. He doesn't WANT to.

Todd, like I mentioned above, Tait provides a bit of chin music. The selectors have obviously gone like for like. I don't see him getting a run though.

Big-gles, watch out or I'll set Ginger AND Algy on you. OUR boys don't chuck! Much.

Actually, I'm suss of ALL offies except Ashley Mallett and John Embury.

Adam, his repeated selection certainly gives lie to the "Horses for Courses" policy. That would imply picking the best man for the job, NOT the one with the "most" potential.

C'mon Hack. You know it, we know it, hacks are ... err ... hacks.

Brett Pee

Right- Shaun Tait - Pace- South Australia ? I can not see a common thread amongst those words. Somebody must have spotted something there Tone- last time i saw him he sprayed the ball where Brett Lee has never sprayed before!!
South Australia??!!


Tait's quick, Brett. No shit.

Brett Pee

Looks like Fidel Edwards, Windies quickie who is currently humiliating the Poms ( great to see- their average batsmans age is 34!! ) is also possessed of a suspect action. Greigy describes him as 'slingy' but i notice potential for chucking calls.

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