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The Mongrel

Roebuck is a "reverse racist," who cannot criticise a West Indian or subcontintental team even slightly without hammering an anglo team harder.

It's an attitude that stinks of paternalism.

His worst effort was in the SMH after Pakistan's disgraceful effort against Australia in the last World Cup. That match included deliberate bean-balls from the Pakistanis among other things.

Roebuck ignored all of that and criticised the Aussies!

After that I decided I couldn't be bothered with him much.


There's no doubt he goes in harder on the Aussies and Poms, Mong, but I still like to read him because he's often got something interesting to say.

Like his point about Murali's line when he's got the doosra in his repetoir. The Aussies have inadvertently alluded to this be suggesting they can pick it because it starts out straighter than the "normal" offie and thus can easily pick both by default. If default's the right word.

But I also think your point's valid. Never the less, how much of his contarian stance is schtick? You know, to sit against the opinions of your standard Aussie pundits. Maybe this is the idea with Tony Greig, although he's merely just annoying.


fuckin cheat


In the original version of that article, Roebuck called Emmerson a "nincompoop" for calling Murali's leg break in '96.


Succinct as usual, Murph.

Yeah, a bad mistake, Chris. It means that the Chuckanistas -- like Roebuck -- have an excuse on which to challenge the ump's judgement. Even though the umps are largely right, I think they got caught up in the moment.

Wacker at the WACA

The chucker is in Perth at the moment, at a so-called 'University' (formerly an Institute of Technology) having bits of sticky tape stuck all over him, lots of slo-mo cameras recording, and some arcane snake oil science called "bio-metrics" being called on to make the momentous decision as to whether this cheat should be allowed to continue ruining his own and the game's reputation. As if he is going to chuck when the slow motion cameras are on him.

The plonker being paid for all this guff was on TV tonight, and as much as said he would "clear" the chucker, and that scientific methods would be used.

I predict that he will be "cleared" (no doubt at very great expense), and that he will go on to to snare the record of wickets taken.

This farce has done as much if not more damage to the game of cricket as Kerry Packer and Hansie Cronje combined.

Brett pee

I do'nt know why Roebuck attacks the Poms so vehemently. He is, after all, one of their colour and educated at a top Uni. He seems to hold a grudge against all things Pom, which is'nt a bad thing, but i cannot work out where he's coming from. Biting the hands that USED to feed him?

Brett Pee

The chucker is in Perth?? Jeez, i'll have to track the bastard down and grab his autograph- be worth dollars in years to come, when people will talk of a CHEAT who was THROWN out of our CLEAN game.


"As if he is going to chuck when the slow motion cameras are on him."

The whole issue in a nutshell, Wacker. It's a farce. What's more Murali's mate (and ex coach) Bruce Yardley is the one who's judging whether or not he bowls different to the way he does in a match. Nope, the only way is for the umps to call it.

Find him, Brett. And sic him.


Bruce Yardley's his coach??!!

Geez, and I was almost willing to forgive and forget the patterned short sleeve shirts he was wearing (with ties) when he was commentating over the Sri Lanka.... now - nup.

As for his fashion sense - cue Homer Simpson:

MARGE: Bart, comb your hair. Homer, I don't think you should wear a
short-sleeved shirt with a tie.
HOMER: But Sipowicz does it.
MARGE: If Detective Sipowicz jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?
HOMER: Ohh, wish I was Sipowicz.


A very schoolteacherly look. Apparently there's a lot not to like about Roo.


There are tons of evidence, I mean cold, hard scientific facts to prove that he doesn't throw. Well, enough to say that if he is chucking so is every one else. The rules were changed to accomadate everyone not just murali.

On the other hand there is nothing to prove that he does chuck. So.......... what's the problem? why is so hard for some people to swallow the fact that he is clean? Well I suppose there are still people who believe that the earth is flat, despite the scientific evidence.



Ho hum. Yawn. When your "cold, hard scientific facts" prove he doesn't throw in a match, get back to me.


Oh, and your "every one else" who is chucking - name them.

Last Man

First I recomend all of you read the links below,




Muttiah Muralitharan is the best bowler ever, by the way Shane Warne is a good bowler too.


Shane Warne's a fat useless soulless fuck, but no one ever had to change the laws of cricket so he could bowl.


Well if bitter little KP says so it's good enough for me.

If anyone wants me I'll be down the wildlife sanctuary.

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