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Figured out what Shane Warne's new ball will be, and it will be one that ensures he stays ahead of Murali in the race to be the top wicket taker in cricket. I can see it now ......


Shane Warne's new ball will simply be entitled "The Throw" and will involve Warne bounding in off 6 steps and hurling, chucker-style, deliveries that could spin either way, bounce off a good length or just york a batsman at 130km/h.

"I was inspired by Murali's success with his bent arm-straightening arm chucks, so I thought, well, if its good enough for him, its good enough for me," Warne said yesterday.

"I expect to be able to take another 200 or so wickets in the coming 3 years with my new ball, and that number will go up to 300 if I play in tests against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh as often as Murali and the Sri Lankans do."

ICC chief Malcolm Speed was not available for comment, but is understood to be concerned Warne's new ball may contravene the laws of the game.

It is understood Speed's concerns are not because Warne's delivery is delivered with a straightening arm, but because it is being delivered with a straightening arm by a player not from the sub-continent, and thus not with the backing of hollow threats of racism, bias and double standards often repeated by administrators from that geographic area.


Right on the money, Chris. One in all in. They chuck, we chuck.


Not bad at all... lmao. Or....


Held in the hand and delivered with the thumb, the "Texta" in itself is not an great delivery but the main feature is the tirade of sexual connotations Warne delivers once it is bowled. Sledging such as "your room or mine" and "great rack" are designed to confuse the batsmen into giving up his wicket. The only problem is that Warne will be tempted to use this delivery on a number of occasions and opposition will eventually expect it every time.

However the delivery will be sometimes be held back due to no reception (from teammates) The jury is also out to whether Warne will recieve 25c per delivery from his new sponsor Telstra...


Workin' beautifully, Ads. "Dial a delivery".

How about the "Smoker", blows by the batsman. And the "Gasper", leaves him totally amazed. Like the one to Gatting.

Brett Pee

Sorry- was their another spinner named in that article Tone? Surely Warney is out on his own.

Perhaps we can have Warnie declared as "double jointed" to avoid the controversy, it seems to work for some unmentionables.


Not quite, Brett. Warnie was the only "Current Bowler" mentioned it the articackle.

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