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The Hack

Be paranoid, Tony. Hodge and Elliott have been in fine form all summer while other get an easy ride. Only now are they coming into contention. Very suss indeed, especially now the Vics have the home final locked in.


Hack, I'm sitting here biting my nails and staring at Baggy Green. I need to know.


Looks like everything's OK for the Pura Cup - they picked Symonds for the test team along with Wade Seccombe as back up keeper, Darren Lehmann returns, as do Warne and Kasprowicz.

I'm happy they picked Symonds, I reckon he could be a real asset on the tour with his medium pace, then off spin, then batting and fielding - good luck to him


Phew. I wouldn't like to get our chances scuppered because the NSW/Aussie selectors decided to screw Victoria by sitting either Elliott or Hodge on the bench for a month in Sri Lanka.

Lehmann was always the most likely.

Given Haddin's one day incumbency, Seccombe is a surprise in front of Haddin.

Hopefully Symonds will get a go. It's a bit of a surprise he got picked before Clark, but given his all-round talents, nothing is lost. Clark's time will come.


The Pup can wait. He's really not earned his Baggy Green yet, and has much to do at Pura Cup level. Granted, he's an excellent ODI player, but that isn't quite the same thing.

Symonds is a 'hunch' selection, but one I would have taken as well.

Brett Pee

Only 2 problems with this squad mate.... One is Wade and the other is Seccombe . Why ? Oh why?

Brett Pee

Er....also not so sure about Symonds while i think about it. What about Hussey?? I think Matty Elliotts best days are behind him. And there is no NSW conspiracy on selection, but more WA based players would not go amiss. Mind you, our best ones "emigrate" east to gain recognition.


Clark's got to learn NOT to get out from stupid shots.

If Symonds pays off, he'll rock.

Seccombe always gets runs against the Vics. I like his work.

Hussey was only ever stop-gap.

Elliott's been stamped DNS. (Do Not Select) I'd a been very surprised if he got a gig.


On the nail Brett. It's not a BAD side, only 4 West Australians in it and 2 fringe players (Gilchrist and Williams) who came West to learn the game properly before gaining selection.

Hussey is a better bet than Elliot because of his pedigree.

All Symonds needs is true self-confidence and he could be anything.


We'll take Williams, thank you very much.

Gilly swears he'll return to NSW when he's done his time in Devil's State.

I've seen papers proving that Katich & McGilla have disowned WA.

Langer & Martyn are the two most likely to get dropped.

All in all, drop the lot. Except Gilly.

Brett Pee

Hussey has fought well for a spot. I'm wondering what else he has to do to gain recognition.


If you saw yesterday's INGer you would have to admit that Elliott and Hodge are both far better batsmen than Hussey. Elliot in particular was back to his brilliant best. There's no doubt he's the next best batsman in the country. Pity his attitude's fucked him up.

And it was especially enjoyable watching Darren Berry tell kiddy fast-boy wannabe Kade Harvey to "Fuck off!".

Brett Pee

Christ, what happened in that 1 dayer v The Lanks. We were cruising it, piss easy, then finish short with 5, yes, 5 wickets in hand. Bevan--get ON with it mate!!!


I must admit I was surprised when I woke up.

Brett Pee

Nice to see the 4th 1 dayer in the bag--5 wkts for Kaspo, he did brill for Glamorgan. But do Pommie wickets count at all??

AND.... is a certain "bowler" being slowly mastered? I await with hope.


Stayed up and watched it. Talk about "Collapso Cricket".

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