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They're pains in the arse alright ... I was in Bali watching the final in a bar and there were just a few poms there, one was your maniac lefty stereotype, Cambridge U, first met Bob Brown on the Franklin campaign (not a BAD idea I spose, but very poor company) and now works for an overseas aid agency (also not a BAD idea, but you get the drift).

Anyway, this prize lefty went off his trolley big time whenever England scored. I was sitting there quietly, sipping away at my Bintang, England scores, "fuck" I sez quietly to myself, and then this bloke jumps up, scatters the table all over the place, punches the air and shouts "YEEEEESSS, GO ENGGGGLAAND". I damn nearly died of fright it was so sudden.

Bloody insufferable dweeb. Oh, he was a vegetarian as well, and me a beef farmer.

All the krauts, frogs and yanks in the place were barracking for us, so the Wallabies would have won a popularity contest.

Big Ramifications

Two words for ya:



Brett Pee

I was in Pomland a couple of years back ( come on, a bloke had to finish his studies ) and their attitude to sport sucks. They think they have a divine right to win everything, when, with the recent exception of Rugby Union, nothing concrete is in place for proper long term success. Their " 1st " class cricko set up is a joke- 6 day's a week overkill, footie every other day and professionals living in constant comfort zones.

Brett Pee

I gather Roebuck actually played 1st class cricket. He must have had some talent on the park but as a journo he is frequently long on opinion and always short on fact.Send him back to England.


You should have spiked his drink with beef-stock, Os. There was one of them in the pub I was at. Not a vege though, just a pain. Very annoying person. Turns out he'd been living in Australia since about 1950 something. It was put to him that Australia was a better place to live and he agreed. Didn't stop him screeching for Pomgolia. Wanker.

That'd be "Spanky" Roebuck, Big.

Roebuck is the only ever guy to captain an England side to a loss against Holland. He's had his cards marked LOSER a long time ago. That's probably why he left England. Never the less, he can talk some sense.

OD on some of your drugs, Cialis. Helps numb the pain.

Brett Pee

Have been doing some research on Roebuck....he played for Somerset with Botham, Richards and Garner. Must have an inferiority complex so decided to come over to us and continually denigrate the "Poms" Top work Tone, the guy is a successful loser, despite gaining a 2:1 from Oxford or Cambridge or whatever.


Yeah, he was skipper of Somerset. What's a 2:1?

Brett Pee

It means he's an intelligent bloke. Unlike me.

Big Ramifications

I just found out I didn't mean Peter Roebuck. I meant the Pommie guy who has commentated on the Oz vs. India series on 9 television.

That guy was outright barracking for India.

Sorry 'bout the mixup.

ps: Peter Roebuck is a *little* bit anti-Oz too, in my humble opinion.


That's Mark Nicholas. He may be the next Richie. He's ok in my opinion, but he has a tendency to, shall we say, "exaggerate" the emotion of the moment when an Indian does something good. He's not alone there. And he's still better than Simon O'Donnell.

Brett Pee

Apparently, Nicholas is known as "Mr smarm" back in the place of his birth and is a housewives favo.Knows game bloody well though but does like his Indian. So do i-especially with rice. Who is'nt better than O'Donnell??


Kate Fitzpatrick.


Peter Roebuck, went to cambridge and gained a 1st class honours in Law...you bunch of absolute jokets


Yeah, we know. So what? He still lost to Holland.

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