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Big Ramifications

Another great post, shiznits. Agree with every point you made.

That flag girl story had me wanting to cut the MMM dude with a knife.

>>>"...the first thing out, I'd find out where he lives, and... [vigorously mimes with his steak knife] tear him a new belly button! Ungh! Ungh! Lousy snitch! Yaargh!" - Homer Simpson.

I also have a thing about the B+D ads. Check out his style, willya! It looks like he's ironing a facking silk hankie. Plus I reckon the thing isn't turned on - they just dub in the noise.

Plus there's something oddly smug about him. Disturbingly so.

Brett Pee

You witnessed some great cricket there.The little master Tendulkar is being a minor thorn in the side mate but we'll restrict him tomorrow to just the 100, roll em out for 360 and be back in bizzo..Mind you Williams would have got him!!!

Brett Pee

Mind you, prices are fair at the w.a.c.c.a. Shit, just woken up from another pipe dream. 5 dolls for bottled water i expect liquid ruddy gold mate...not lukewarm goldfish bowl remnants.This selfless rip off MUST end.

Brett Pee

" the day's play was dull " !!!!!???? No, Never. Watching Brett steaming in is not what i consider dull mate. After my 12th cold one i even began to appreciate Sachin's genius.But, victory, inevitably, will be ours.

The Hack

Watching Brett Lee steam in isn't dull. Watching him get smacked around the ground sure is, though. Fortunately, he's from NSW, though, so there's no immediate threat he'll be dropped.

But, in the fair dinkum department, there's nothing more dull than watching Simon O'Donnell try on Richie's cream jacket for size - http://www.spinstartshere.com/archives/000657.html


2) take your own snacky treats, or sandwiches from home with lashings of nostalgia

3) Public Transport or (boynton's radical preference)go by foot

however I find the thought of numbers 4,5 & 6 disturbing enough to endorse the loungeroom option.
Shame they have ruined the aesthetics of criquet with that horrible big graphic on the ground, and
branding on every square inch of shirt.


I hate rocky jockey types, Big. Feel free to slice and dice him. Funny you mention the Simpsons, I thought of that when he called the chick Flag Girl. He's a hip dude. And that B&D ad's a shocker. Everytime I see it I hope he gets his fingers caught. Not that it would matter - you're right - the drill looks like a child's toy that doesn't work.

Game over, Brett. And most non drinkers were buying one bottle and filling up in the toilet basins. And it was dull.

Lee bowled a crab, Hack. And he added to his enviable record as the world greatest ever no ball wicket taker. Simon's a nightmare!

B, no idea how to get there by PT and walking's out, especially if you're labouring under the burden of a bag filled with snacky treats. Advert people may have taken you up on the sponsorship thing, VB ads were in the shape of a picket fence. Overall, there's way too much merchandisationing. Painful.


Walking's Out? Must have missed it.
What does Hawkeye reckon?

Brett Pee

O.K. Victory may not be ours after all. The appalling selectorial oversight with no Williams/Bichel may have something to do with it-but not to stage a test match against India at the wacca is scandalous!! The sheer pace would have shocked the munchers straight off and the course of the series may have swayed toward us. Am i saying this because i live 5 minutes from the ground?? Maybe..maybe not


B, Hawk saw it as "Run Out" of energy. And as usual Hawk was wrong. It was actually ""Hit Picket".

I think maybe you are, Brett. Anyway, you got to see Hayden's record. I hope you were there.

Brett Pee

Yeah...saw that one. Bowling a bit iffy though.Can't remember TOO much bout it though due to effects of Grog and heat.

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