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Warne would have been pummelled but I'm sure a fully fit McGrath would have made all the difference. His record against India is outstanding, averaging 16 in 7 tests, and also he has a positive effect on the rest of the attack. I posted about this earlier.

McGrath has a massive hold on the Indian batsmen and he is too canny a dog to let them go now. They couldn't master him at Johannesburg in the World Cup and they can't master him now.

Okay, is it going to be you or me that does the massive spray at John Buchanan for allowing our fielding to become a joke?

Brett Pee

Looks like i was wrong about the 1st 2 days of this match.WARNING:-cricketing cliche coming- Form is temporary, class is permanent. Come on, you KNEW he was going to unleash at some point in this series.India will bat on until dismissed-but , ever the optimist, we will ram 700 down their throats in a run fest.


Consider the spray delivered. Scott. Although on second thoughts it was fairly mild. I'm still not totally convinced about McGrath. And J'Berg was an ODI so the situation is slightly different. What he does do though, is bring a degree of intensity to the crease that's missing even with Lee who, for all his "chain saw" histrionics, looks like a bit of a nice guy trying to be bad.

Brett, looks like we'll need to ram 700 down their throats. And more.

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