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Michael Gill

A small voice in the listings;

Murali is a MASSIVE Chucker!!!!!!!

To misquote the great Mike "I tipped this Butch" Williamson;

"Jack Hill the blind miner can see he's chucking".


Consider yourself listed Michael. The way cricket people have clammed up about Murali's obvious chucking is a disgrace. Many think he chucks but are afraid to get offside with the authorities. And I hit the roof when they go on about what a fantastic bowler he is.

Brett Pee

Teaching difficult? Countless holiday's, free periods, long weekends , top pay , dutiful pupils, Difficult?? Only joking mate.

Murali's new "delivery" is causing me further consternation. His arm is EVEN more bent when delivering this latest weopon in his armoury.


It's not a joke, Brett. I like perks. And Murali and the cricket honchos are a fuckin' disgrace.

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