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I though the 12th man CD a couple of years ago settled Richie's succession?
Isn't Ray "Rabs" Warren (particularly loved by Brisbane Broncos supporters for his fair,balanced and generous coverage of games involving Brisbane V any Sydney club)the chosen one?
His impartiality whilst calling State of Origin is also an art form......

Uncreative Tim

Ray Warren? - Not a bad idea! Reckon there should be more commentator crossover with cricket. Always thought Dazza Easlake would be a natural for cricket. A delicate late cut by Tendulkar "Orr, that was HUGE!!!", "What'd'ya reckon Jack?", Special comments by Jack Gibson, "Yeh played good".


I like Rabs in a "Weren't the 50's cosy" way. As fo Daz, it's no surprise we don't hear a whole lot from him these days. And Gibbo's strictly second tier when it comes to commentary. Wait a moment, I thought that read Mike Gibson. I don't know Jack Gibson's work.

I actually reckon the guy Smith who used to coach St George and Peter Wilkins were a fine team. Sadly Wilko is now a "personality".

Brett Pee

A replacement for Richie?? Gideon Haigh could be the man, writes interesting books & stuff-but TJ is pure ruddy gold. I prefer watching tv silent and listen to radio commo. When Tony Greg appears i'm GLAD the tv is silent.


TJ? Terry Jenner, Tony Jones or Tommy Smith. The latter would present problems, he's dead. But still a better commentator that Tony Greig.

Actually, Gideon Haigh would be an interesting choice.

Brett Pee

Greigy could well be brain dead. Is'nt he one of those plastic poms?


He's "plastic-whatever-he-feels-like-on-the-day-except-Aussie".

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