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Some simple stats - Brett Lee is the only Australian bowler in the history of ODIs to concede 80 runs, and after his performance yesterday he has now done it twice (1/83 last night, 1/85 against Pakistan in Cardiff in 2001).
He is the only bowler in the history of ODI (think about this) who has conceded 80 runs off ten overs twice in his career. Not even struggling bowlers from Zimbabwe, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in their early years on the scene have managed this.
Yes certainly on bare statistics his strike rate (27 balls per wicket) and average (about 22) are impressive, but they have been going up for quite a while - something that only pounding minnows like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh will arrest. Also, compare Andy Bichel's economy rate (4.4) to Brett Lee's (4.7) and tell me why he can't get a game ahead of him anywhere, let alone on his home track last night. What about Tait? Kasprowicz even?
Let's face it - he's only getting a game because he's from NSW. The sooner this "baggy blue" mentality leaves our game, the better for all concerned


Good work, Chris.

I reckon now the Aussies and Indians are safely into the VB finals, the selectors treated yesterday's game as a training run and even though they lost, they don't care too much.

And why would you? It's not as if the prizemoney amounts to anything much. There's virtually nothing to lose. Then again, maybe I'm just another suspicious Aussie cricket fan.

Until Lee tightens up there'e NO WAY he should play in a game that "matters".


Yup, Punter was trying to lull them into a false sense of security by bowling him out. Ganguly will be wondering how many runs a real bowler would have conceded and subtracting the difference from their total to deduce what they would otherwise have scored. It's the only matter of uncertainty in the whole comp and it's being done to give the commentators something to talk about.


You're as cynical as I am, Os.

Of course a "Cynic" is what a pessimist calls a realist.


The worst thing is the fact they actually bowled him for the full ten overs. Perhaps they thought that after copping 30 off the first three he was going to get better, and if he'd had 250 overs to bowl he might have ended up putting down a maiden.

He's there purely and simply to bring bogans and dickheads through the gates.


That, and as a training run. That's the trouble with the VBs.

Brett Pee

There seems to be at least 2 different Brett Lee's at the moment. He has'nt got a twin Bro' has he? Mayb'e he should cut some pace, move the ball a bit and tighten up.


He's got a brother. Dunno what happened to him though. Must be injured. Cliche alert - Brett just need to "get back to basics".


Now - a belated posting.
Credit where credit's due - the aforementioned Mr Lee probably had his best game for the summer last night (22/1) against India.
Amidst another baffling selection decision (Brad Williams not getting a game or needing a rest? You're joking), Lee nabbed 2/40 odd with the ball and then smacked the winning runs off the last over.
That 2/40 odd is, in some ways, more important than his last over heroics - the guy is there to bowl tightly and take wickets, and considering India went at about 6 an over in their innings, Lee can hold his head high.
If he can continue to do this throughout the rest of the one-dayers, as well as on tour in March, he's earned his spot in the side.
Now, if we can just find a replacement for that Damien Martyn character .......


Yeah, Chris, he did well to stay under the odds although I only saw the Aussie batting. Realistically, it's not his ODI form that concerns me - certainly not in the VBers - because if you remember he was terrific in the World Cup. I've said all along, he can bowl crud, he just needs to pick a good line/length and stick to it. He was all over the place in the tests, but in fairness he had been injured.

And Martyn's forgotten how to move his feet. Not that he was ever a dancing machine. He got a pretty good one first up last night.

Brett Pee

Simon Katich can permanently replace Marto. He's the future-finding his feet with the bat, competent fielder and handy partnership breaker with ball.Something a bit different.


And Katich moves his feet, something Martyn needs to do. I've always said he's got a great attitude at the crease, which is something we need in this era of fast-run chasers. They've both got a knack for dropping sitters though.


This aussie team is so over-rated its beyond a joke, hayden 380 against zim, he can't even play swing yet. A debutant got him. 735-5 against zim... pffft India made over 700 against u guys not long after, in ur home turf, and were it not for bucknor, u guys would have suffered a bad loss. Injury-shminjury... lee is crap, face it, he only has pace, zim took him apart in the tests, Sachin batted on one leg in bris and still clubbed him (albeit hez Sachin). Come Lanka and come India, u guys r going down big time.

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