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Couldn't find the link to Baum before. Think he really gets the banal madness of the tragedy.
The blank grey faces.


It was a fine article, B. One of those ones where each subsequent reading reveals another observation.

And it all fits together to leave a tangible sensation of sadness, puzzlement and time's up.


yes and the lingering disbelief


There are some more good articles in the papers today that touch on the cricket communitee's - and the fans - "stunned disbelief".

The Hack

Journalists - I hate that other term, the meed-y-a - are probably not getting too fired up because of a little thing called contempt of court.

Once charges have been laid over a matter, there's not too much you can report about the incident itself. And you certainly can't speculate on the guilt or innocence of the person being charged.

I've seen a few blogs in recent days that could and should find themselves in a whole lot of legal trouble for writing some of the things I've seen about the accused. Not the killer. Not the thug. The accused. It's not a question of passion. It's a question of law.

If I was the accused's lawyer, I would be googling until the cows come home and trying to convince the judge and anyone else that will listen that a fair trial can't be had given some of the reporting (and blogging) since Hookes' death.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has already issued two warnings on contempt of court on the Hookes matter - and that's not common.

I'd put it to any Melbourne reacders that have been listening in recent days, 3AW has been sailing real close to the wind on this one. But they're not alone.


I agree with your first point, Hack. That's why I mentioned it's unfortunate.

And it's interesting yourself and Tim Blair have been guarded about language. Most of the ranting's come from ordinary joes.

I don't reckon the judge would allow an "unfair Trial" motion to get up given that it's so high profile most people are going to know about it. He/She will just have to instruct the jury accordingly.

I notice the Judge cautioned about media excess again today.

And I must say that since 1116 started up on Monday I've only listened to about ten minutes of 3AW. Mind you, they were all over it.

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